World Reversion

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Author Subrosian & AzureFang
Date Published 4-20-09
Fiction Rated T (FanFiction.netRating System)
Language English
Genre Action/Adventure/Suspense/Comedy
Chapters 47
Status In Progress

One Piece - World Reversion is a fan fiction written by Subrosian with assistance from AzureFang, published and created on April 20, 2009, although the original story was conceived on September 10, 2005, as a Roleplay on GaiaOnline with a few changes made to it over the years that have altered the storyline, though most of the characters and the articles made for it have made very few changes. It can be found on under the name of One Piece - World Reversion.

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In a battle with Bartholomew Kuma, the Shichibukai accidentally attacks the Straw Hats with his Devil Fruit ability, expelling the entire crew and their ship out of the Grand Line during the Sabaody Archipelago incident, instead of attacking them individually and sending them to different locations. Luffy and company must now make their way back to the Grand Line in order to resume their adventure, meeting new obstacles along the way.


Canon One Piece Characters


Straw Hat Pirates
  • Nami (Navigator) - Bsymbol16,000,000
  • Usopp (Sharpshooter) - Bsymbol30,000,000
  • Sanji (Cook) - Bsymbol77,000,000
  • Franky (Shipwright) - Bsymbol44,000,000
  • Brook (Musician) - Bsymbol33,000,000
  • Jinbei - Bsymbol250,000,000 (reinstated)
Whitebeard Pirates
Buggy Pirates
Arlong Pirates
Black Cat Pirates
  • Kuro - Bsymbol40,000,000 (reinstated)
Blackbeard Pirates


World Government

Bounty Hunters



Baroque Works


Original/Fan-made One Piece Characters


Straw Hat Pirates
Hidden Pirates
Anonymous Pirates
Black Hole Pirates


World Government

  • Kotoki (Cipher Pol Zero Agent 5)
  • Akira (Cipher Pol Zero Agent 2)
  • Marek (Cipher Pol Zero Agent 1)

Bounty Hunters




Canon Characters Original Techniques

Monkey D. Luffy

  • Gomu Gomu no Tsujikaze (Rubber Whirlwind): Luffy winds up his entire body into tight coils before springing into the air and unwinding himself, sucking everything in like a vaccuum. He releases the rotation and sends all of the objects he drew in in every direction, causing massive amounts of destruction in enclosed spaces.
  • Gomu Gomu no Sunakemuri (Rubber Sand Cloud): Luffy grabs two brooms and sweeps his arms out in order to knock dust up in a room to create a smokescreen that will blind the enemy from his next attack.
  • Gomu Gomu no Kyougeki (Rubber Pincer): Luffy stretches his arms out wide and converges them together on an opponent's head.
  • Gomu Gomu no Gag (Rubber Gag): A literal gag technique that Luffy created to injure Tetsu when he could not do any damage to his body. He stretched his arm out and shot it down Tetsu's throat, grabbing his uvula and causing him to vomit. Sanji later told Luffy to never use that technique again on principle of how disgusting it was.
  • Gomu Gomu no Jet Ballista (Rubber Jet Ballista): A devastating attack in Luffy's Gear Second form. He launches his arms forward at high speed and latches onto the shoulders of his opponent before slinging himself at them. Shortly before reaching them, he releases his grip and slams both his palms into a part of their body and finishes them off with a deadly head butt to their chest.

Combination Attacks

  • Gomu Gomu no Gravity Storm (Rubber Gravity Storm): A combination attack with Ryoku that Luffy begins by preparing to use his normal Storm ability, but Ryoku uses his Gravity Bind ability to make Luffy's fists heavier so his punches will do more damage. The attack was strong enough to blast the Cha Cha Cannon back and flip it over.

Roronoa Zoro

  • Karasu Kizamu (Raven Mince): Zoro dashes past his enemy with his arms out like wings and the sharp ends of his swords forward, pointed at the enemy. Using blindingly fast speed, Zoro carves up the arms of his enemy, rendering them useless.


  • Raijin Boshi (Thunder God Star): Using special golden pellets, Usopp fires them into Nami's thunder cloud, causing them to explode and be used as a conductor for an electrical attack. The pellets themselves seem to be full of some electrical energy, as they took the shape of a dragon that wrapped around Hiruma and electrocuted him.

Portgas D. Ace

  • Kogasu (Scorch): Ace conjures up a collection of fire to engulf the target and burn their skin in order to cause excruciating pain and deadly third degree burns but it is not enough to kill them.

Major Battles

West Blue Saga

Hitoya Island Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Repelled Struggling to escape from the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates find themselves battling Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Admiral Kizaru and bodyguard to Doctor Vegapunk, Sentoumaru. In their vain attempts to defeat the deadly Marines and the Pacifista replicas, they end up being confronted by the real Kuma, who attempts to attack Silvers Rayleigh with his Devil Fruit ability, only to miss the elder pirate and hit the Thousand Sunny, expelling it from the Grand Line and sending it to a remote location in the West Blue, just a few miles from the island of Hitoya.
2 The Rogue Wolf Docking at Hitoya, the Straw Hats soon gain the attention of the Captains in charge of the Marine base there after Luffy punched out one of the patrolmen. Jeran flashes back to how he got captured in the first place, angry at Terry and the other Captains for ganging up on him. He is told the identities of the pirates that landed off shore of Hitoya, learning that they are the Straw Hat Pirates. While Zoro and the others were left behind at the Sunny, they encounter a cadre of Marines and Kuragari and Hiruma leave their base to pursue them while Luffy infiltrates it, busting the door down to Jeran's prison and knocking out Terry in the process. He proclaims to Jeran that he is the man who will be the next Pirate King when asked who he was and promptly frees him from his cell.
3 Shadow Specialists! Kuragari and Hiruma versus the Straw Hats! At the docks of Hitoya, Zoro and the others fought several squadrons of Marine soldiers before confronting Kuragari Karasu and Hiruma. Kuragari set out to divide the crew with his abilities and proceeded to engage Zoro in one on one combat, which he suffered a terrible defeat in and was rendered unconscious by the powerful swordsman. Hiruma then stepped up, revealing his Devil Fruit power and the very means to defeat it, but proved how strong he was when he allowed Brook to destroy his phantoms only to shoot him and toss him in the ocean. He is now preparing to face Chopper and Franky in a battle after insulting them and getting a rise of anger directly from Chopper. In his quarters, Rick witnessed the escape of Jeran with Luffy's help and is now actively pursuing the escapee and his supposed comrade.
4 Phantom Hiruma's Trap! After Brook was tossed into the ocean by Hiruma, he proceeded to challenge Franky and Chopper in a fight. The two of them proved to be no match against Hiruma as he constantly replaced himself with his phantom clones, only causing them to waste their stamina and energy. He made no moves to attack them and simply opted to let them wear themselves out until Sanji resurfaced with Brook in his hands. The pirate cook proceeded to begin kicking buildings over in order to expose Hiruma, but he unleashed his Phantom Trap in order to capture the three of them while he shot them to disable them. Sanji took a shot in the ribs, Chopper in the shoulder and legs, and Franky took two in his back. Hiruma was prepared to attack the rest of the crew before Sanji tried to finish him off with Diable Jambe, but Hiruma stopped it with his phantom barrier and pointed his gun at him to kill him. The fight was interrupted when Usopp struck Hiruma with an exploding star, injuring Hiruma and angering him greatly. He would have finished the sniper off, but both Usopp and Nami combined their efforts to create a chain of lightning with her Perfect Clima Tact and Kabuto to defeat Hiruma by sending several volts of electricity coursing through his body.
5 Jailbreak! The Rogue Wolf faces Top Gear! After Jeran is freed by Luffy, he gratefully thanks him for setting him free, but is skeptical about his declaration of becoming the Pirate King, writing it off since Luffy is younger than he is. However, Jeran cannot get another word in edgewise and is even denied leaving when Luffy asks him outright to become one of his nakama. It appeared as if Jeran was contemplating it, but no response was given as Terry recovered at that exact moment to confront the two of them. Terry incurred Luffy's wrath by saying his nakama had all been defeated and arrested by Hiruma and Kuragari already and the two of them got into a fight that was little more than a stalemate. Luffy attempted to propel Terry into the sea with a combination of his Giant Hammer technique and Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, but failed when the Marine aimed to drag him down as well. Jeran saved the both of them, setting them on the narrow cliff lining the prison to resume their fight, but Luffy was weak from the lack of eating properly for the last three days after Kuma expelled them from Grand Line. Before Terry was allowed to attack Luffy again, Jeran intervened and told Luffy to go on ahead and find the kitchen to regain his strength; at the same time, he declared that he would become one of his nakama after everything was said and done. The battle continued where Luffy had left it and Terry and Jeran began to fight. Wishing to end it quickly, Terry tried to finish Jeran off with a powerful punch, but failed and only shot up debris, which ended up blinding Jeran temporarily. Terry took this opportunity to strike him in the face, but failed to knock him out even though he came very close to doing it. Jeran then tossed him into the air and finished him off with his Garou Garou no Kiba, incapacitating him indefinitely. In the kitchen, Luffy had managed to eat his fill, but he soon found himself encountered with the fourth and final Captain of Hitoya, Rick Rodrieguz.
6 Cha Cha Clash Luffy and Rick's battle ensued with Luffy being at a severe disadvantage due to Rick's erratic movements because of his Devil Fruit that allowed him to avoid Luffy's attacks. In an apparent act of desperation, Luffy wound up all of his body parts in order to form a vacuum of sorts that drew in all the objects in the room and unleashed them after he released the rotation, creating a large cloud of debris that would inevitably expose Rick's weakness, allowing him to hit him. Luffy did not realize it immediately due to his simple minded nature, but with a little help from Rick, Luffy was able to point it out on his own and used brooms to knock up dust in the room to blind him once more, beating him into a near submission before Rick called upon Brago, one of his Bounty Hunters to fight Luffy while Rick fled to safety. Luffy fought evenly with Brago despite the sharp weaponry that he carried and dealt a lot of damage to him, though Brago was surprisingly durable and did not once fall against the onslaught. However, Zoro felt a bad omen back on the Sunny and soon came busting in on the scene despite getting lost in the city. He took it upon himself to fight Brago so Luffy could finish what he started, which was the battle with Rick. Brago prepared to unleash a deadly looking scythe weapon, but was cut short when Zoro finished him off with his signature Oni Giri attack, stating that while Brago looked unharmed, he was actually quite exhausted from taking so many blows from Luffy. While storming the base once again, Luffy was hit by a sneak attack from Rick who proceeded to bombard Luffy with his dancing abilities, busting them up through the ceiling and trying to finish him off by hurling him into the ocean. However, Luffy caught Rick's leg and pulled himself in, saving himself from a watery grave. It was that point that Luffy activated Gear Second and beat Rick into submission with his fast and powerful Jet abilities, leaving him to fall unconscious from the devastating attacks. Falling to the ground after his Gear effects wore off, Luffy complained that he was still hungry and would have Sanji fix them a large meal when they were back together. Back at the docks, the other Straw Hats were being watched by a mysterious figure with vibrant red hair from a shady building in an alley, who commented on them being the crew worth over Bsymbol700,000,000.
7 An Enigmatic Figure. The Doctor with Red Hair appears Luffy came back to the docks of Hitoya with Zoro and Jeran along with him, though everyone was still injured from their battles. Jeran took the time to formally introduce himself as a carpenter, stating that while all good ships had a shipwright at hand, he was a specialist in the tools of his trade and that he would prove his mettle when it really mattered. Jeran initially volunteered to help transport his new nakama onto the Sunny, but that never transpired as they were interrupted by a mysterious individual with red hair; he was the same one spying on them, but they were not yet aware of it. He told them that he had a back alley hospital and that he would treat them all for defeating the Marines that had been oppressing the island for so long. Several of the Straw Hats did not trust him, but Luffy thoughtlessly dragged them off to his hospital and allowed them to be treated by the doctor, who revealed he had a Devil Fruit power that let him heal the wounds of others at an accelerated rate. He introduced himself as Nadeisco and offered the others to some food he had in the front room of his house, which was also the hospital. They willingly accepted and Nadeisco quietly shut the door, locking it as well before dropping the heavy cloak he was wearing and exposing a black suit under it. He had given Jeran an anesthesia to help numb the pain, but it was also tainted with a toxin that paralyzed him. Nadeisco kept demanding from Jeran that he wanted information and he stabbed him in the leg with a scalpel in an attempt to get it out of him, but since Jeran felt no pain, he could not be tortured. Nadeisco insinuated that cutting off one of his fingers would probably loosen his tongue. In an act of anger for Jeran resisting him, Nadeisco kicked the futon he was resting on over and alerted the others to the disturbance within. Luffy picked the lock to the room by conforming his rubber finger to the shape of it and went inside just in time to see Nadeisco helping Jeran back up on the bed. Luffy was supposedly fooled for the time being, but he quickly turned around and punched him through the wall of the hospital, bringing the wall down on top of him and apparently knocking him out. However, Nadeisco stood back up to his feet, undamaged, and told Luffy that he was going to send him to a prison where people like him belonged.
8 The World's Secret Organization, Cipher Pol Number Zero Luffy's fight with Nadeisco continued in the middle of the hospital with Luffy using some of his most powerful attacks without resorting to his Gear abilities. It soon became apparent from Nadeisco's ability to recover his wounds that his Devil Fruit applied to him as well and not just the healing of others. He also revealed the knowledge of Rokushiki and stopped Luffy's attacks with Tekkai before injuring him with Shigan that was augmented by his Devil Fruit to damage the veins within Luffy's arm and draw blood despite him being a rubber man. Zoro made the comparison of him being like the CP9 agents, but he argued that fact and said he was part of a black ops organization called Cipher Pol Number Zero. Robin denied the organization even existing, saying the Cipher Pols stopped at Number Nine. However, he went on to explain that CP0 existed outside of the eye of the public and was only known to Fleet Admiral Sengoku and his three Admirals. Having grown tired of hearing him talk, Luffy punched him and took him to the ground, but Nadeisco simply recovered again with his healing capabilities. After it became apparent that his normal attacks were doing little to no damage, he was about to resort to using Gear Third, though he was stopped by Nami. She stepped in to try and fight and Zoro followed suit, but they were soon interrupted by cannon fire from Rick's Marine ship. Nadeisco was angered by this and he stepped out in order to stop the projectiles himself, but Rick made a call to an unknown member of his crew named Sambo who launched a powerful cannonball from his Cha Cha Cannon that decimated the town by pelting it with hundreds of smaller cannonballs. Nadeisco demanded to know what Rick was doing only to be shot at by one of his cannons which destroys the dock he was standing on, supposedly dropping him into the ocean. However, Nadeisco had a small canoe like boat hiding beneath the dock that was powered by two motor paddles on both sides. He used that to escape into the open ocean and out of the line of sight of Rick and his ship. Rick was bandaged up around the head from his fight with Luffy and Brago was beside of him on the deck, having bandages wrapped around his torso from the damage he took when fighting Zoro. The two of them were going to continue attacking the island before all of the Straw Hats emerged from the rubble of the now destroyed hospital and simply walked to the dock to board the Sunny. Clearly Rick did not appreciate being ignored, so he tried to shoot at them, but Luffy simply shot it back at them and just barely missed their mast as a warning shot. At that point, they all got on board and started to leave Hitoya, but Rick continued to open fire on them until Luffy returned one of their cannonballs and broke their mast off, rendering them unable to pursue them. Franky orchestrated a daring escape with his Coup de Burst and the Sunny was shot off into the open sea. After they escaped, Jeran pondered why Nadeisco was hunting him and remembered the only real enemies he had was a pirate crew called the Black Hole pirates. He thought he would go back home and ask his father if he knew them. Luffy proposed it was time for them to return to the Grand Line, but Jeran requested a side trip to see his old man before they went running off into the Grand Line so he could let him know that he was alive and well. Luffy agreed to the trip, but before they could get very far away, Jeran took notice of the Black Hole pirates ship approaching fast from a distance.

Parm Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
9 Jeran and the Black Hole Pirates Jeran recalls the history he had with the Black Hole pirates and goes back to when he first ate the Garou Garou no Mi. Six years ago, he was wandering through the streets of Sawdust Village in Parm and browsing the fruit stands in order to get something to eat when he ran into a large man who was a member of the Black Hole pirates named Tetsu. Tetsu bumped into the fruit stand belonging to Rydia, cracking the barrel he was carrying and dropping a Devil's Fruit into it, the Garou Garou no Mi to be exact. Jeran quickly bought it after some argument with Rydia about picking a fight with the wrong people, which Jeran had done with Tetsu until the large pirate was called off by a fierce looking man in the crowd. He ate the fruit and gagged on its horrible flavor, dropping it into the ground before he went through a dramatic changed that physically altered his appearance to look more like a hybrid-wolf human. Tetsu soon returned and was enraged to see that Jeran had eaten the fruit, aiming to attack and kill him for his actions. He acted out of instinct and cleaved through Tetsu's side, catching him in a choke hold and putting his claws to his neck, threatening to kill him and his entire crew if they did not leave without causing any further trouble. Tetsu was about to agree and go tell his captain, Ryoku, before the two of them were crushed under a powerful force. Ryoku appeared to take Jeran's life by crushing him with a force like gravity, but he lightened it up for the sake of Tetsu and that was all the leeway Jeran needed. He soon transformed into a hulking behemoth wolf form and broke free from the crushing force, trying to attack Ryoku who expertly avoided the claw slash. Jeran then fled into the mountains of Parm to hide out until he was certain it would be safe. Ryoku swore to exact his revenge upon Jeran even if he had to travel to the end of the Grand Line to do so. Returning from his memory, Jeran saw the same pirate ship at his home island reach them in a matter of hours and Ryoku called out Jeran's name, saying he would make good on his promise six years ago and also saying that he would get his just reward by turning in the bounties of the most wanted crew in the world.
10 Rumble! Jeran's Ferocious Forms! The ship of the Black Hole Pirates attempted to attack the Straw Hats with cannon fire, but failed when the attacks were repelled by the respective members of their enemy crew. Ryoku, the captain of the crew, gave the order for them to mobilize towards the Thousand Sunny with the intention of boarding the ship. As soon as they attempted to do it, Luffy knocked all of the enemies away with his Gomu Gomu no Gatling. Luffy then latched onto the ship and pulled himself over to the other side, attempting to attack Ryoku, but he was stopped by a large iron man named Tetsu. Luffy demanded to know who he was, but Jeran recognized him after having joined his captain on the ship. Tetsu was about to attack Jeran, but Ryoku told him that he was his prey and said that he could deal with the rest of the Straw Hats himself. Jeran and Ryoku got into a fight that quickly ended with Jeran being crushed onto the deck due to Ryoku's Devil Fruit abilities. Ryoku used his Gravity Axe technique in a failed attempt to kill Jeran seeing as how the wolf shifted to his Walking Point form, making himself smaller and able to avoid the attack. Stating he would not fail again, Ryoku proceeded to attack again with the same maneuver, but Chopper came on the scene in the nick of time and with the help of his Rumble Ball, blocked Ryoku's second assault, giving Jeran the time he needed to ingest a Rumble Ball of his own and unlock his hidden powers as a Zoan-type. First, Jeran took it upon himself to break free from Ryoku's Gravity Bind with his Feral Point until he changed into his Claw Point and went on the attack with his Garou Garou no Juusei, missing Ryoku due to the erratic and wild flurry of blows. It was not until the Marine vessel of Rick showed up again did Ryoku lose focus long enough for Jeran to score a blow into his stomach, slamming him into and below the deck of the G-Force. Brago stood on the railing of Rick's ship and called for a man named Sambo to assist in finishing off the Straw Hats, effectively interrupting the battle between them and the Black Hole Pirates.
11 Iron Flames After being called by Brago, Sambo corrected him that his name was Jabari and that he did not like being called by his 'code name.' They soon took it upon themselves to board the Straw Hats ship with Brago stating that he was going to take out Zoro. Luffy engaged in battle against Tetsu, unable to harm him due to his iron body granted to him by his Devil Fruit. He asked Sanji for assistance in the battle, saying he needed his mouth open. With a series of swift kicks, Sanji was able to get Tetsu's mouth open, allowing Luffy to shove his hand down Tetsu's throat and grab his uvula, causing the man to vomit. It was mostly a joke attack to hurt Tetsu's pride. In anger, Tetsu said that if Luffy did not start to get serious, he would not survive the life he was living. Luffy suddenly put a fierce expression on and was about to use Gear Second, but Sanji kicked him aside to stop him from using such dangerous abilities and activated his Diable Jambe, injuring Tetsu by burning his iron body to the point that the man could no longer take the pain and jumped into the sea to stop the scorching burns. After most of the Black Hole Pirates had been defeated, Brago attacked Sanji by putting a claw in his back. Both he and Jabari prepared to fight Sanji until Zoro arrived in order to prevent a two-on-one unfair fight. The two of them then prepared to fight together in order to defeat their opponents.
12 Brago and Jabari - The Deadly Duo of Bounty Hunters Brago confronted Zoro in a rematch, unveiling the Hitokage, his named scythe that he never got to use in their last battle due to him being knocked out so easily. The scythe has a chain made out of Kairouseki that kept Zoro at a distance and at a slight disadvantage. At the same time, Sanji encounters Sambo in a battle, though finds himself unable to defeat the tall man due to his martial arts that locks up Sanji's legs in constricting grapples. When backed into a corner, Zoro switches opponents with Sanji and the two of them ultimately crush each others opponents with their unique skills. Angered by the failure of his subordinates, Rick was prepared to stand and fight himself, but an interruption from Ryoku stopped him as he rose to his feet at the last moment and used his gravity powers to attempt to crush the Thousand Sunny.
13 Ryoku's Last Stand In a vain attempt to continue his conquest of defeating the most wanted crew in the world, Ryoku tries to crush the Thousand Sunny and leave the Straw Hat Pirates, most notably their Devil Fruit users, stranded in the ocean to be easy picking for him. However, Jeran rises to battle again and grabs Ryoku by the neck, digging his claws into his throat and nearly killing him, but due to the intervention of Luffy, he was stopped short of his task and told that the Straw Hats never kill their opponents. Enraged by being ignored, Rick pulled out a small remote and called the Cha Cha Cannon to be brought above deck next to him with a pulley device below him. He pulled out a match and began to light it, aiming to destroy both of the pirates in one swift attack. Seeing as how they shared a common enemy, Ryoku made one last stand against the Marine and decided to aid Luffy by using his Gravity Bind on his fists to give them a heavier strike. With his newly acquired strength, Luffy delivered a fast series of punches that flipped the cannon over and sent it plunging into the depths of the vessel, firing a multitude of cannonballs off that hit the powder magazine, blowing the ship to pieces. Due to his philosophy, Luffy saved Rick from the explosion and set him on a dinghy that he also managed to secure from the ship before it was destroyed. The Straw Hats began the recovery process from their grueling naval battle and offered assistance to Ryoku, but he spat at their hospitality and said he did not need their pity, but he had resolved his conflict with Jeran and looked up him as a worthy opponent instead of someone he hated. Jeran felt a mutual bond with him and wished him well on the ocean before the two crews parted ways, with the Straw Hats finally making their way to Parm. Shortly after, the newspaper was delivered by the seagull that delivers it and Luffy learned of the news of his brother Ace being transported to Impel Down to be held until his public execution. While he was indeed nervous, he remembered that Ace told him when they were very young to live their lives without regrets and he would not regret not being able to reach Ace in time. He also remembered that his brother told him if he ever got into a bind to not worry about him, because he had his own family to look after him. Ace was seen being transported to the deepest bowels of the Great Gaol Impel Down while in the distance, two Marine battleships were sailing in front of Whitebeard's ship, supposedly having captured the mighty pirate. A fleeting image of a small dinghy in the ocean was seen approaching from another side of Impel Down with three figures within it. The defensive forces of Impel Down were diminished due to the call to action at Marineford, where the Marines assumed Whitebeard would turn his sights. The greatest prison in the world was about to experience a chain of events it would never forget.

Riot of Impel Down Saga

Impel Down Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
14 Impel Down Under Attack! The Revolutionaries and Whitebeard! While Whitebeard mounted an assault on the front entrance of Impel Down, three Revolutionaries fought their way into the entrance of the great prison. They were Natsume, Faron, and Quillian, three of Dragon's top soldiers in the army. Quillian knocked out the power with her Devil Fruit abilities and they entered the main foyer of the prison, meeting with Hannyabal. He was taken out quickly by Natsume and they soon demanded the keys in order to start a massive riot within the prison, aiming to free Portgas D. Ace before his public execution was to be carried out at Marineford.
15 Infiltrating Hell While they fought through Impel Down, Natsume, Faron, and Quillian arrived on Level One, the Crimson Hell, in order to release all of the prisoners on that floor to start a riot. Among them was Buggy the Clown, who took the key to that floor and was ordered by the Revolutionaries to lead the prisoners on a rampage. They continued on through, clearing the bladed forest with help of Faron's Devil Fruit abilities and Quillian entered Level Two on her own only to be faced with the horrible Basilisk.
16 The Terror of Beast Hell Being saved by Faron and Natsume, Quillian was spared from fighting the Basilisk and an army of Manticores. On Level Two, they released Arlong the Merman Pirate and Kuro, former captain of the Black Cat Pirates. In order to reach Level Three, they had to fight the Sphinx, a massive lion creature that was guarding the stairs to the next floor. Natsume only succeeded in enraging the beast, but it proved advantageous to them as it smashed through the floor and took them down to Level Three, effectively knocking itself out in the process. In the distance, Impel Down guards were waiting to spring a trap on the three Revolutionaries, awaiting orders from a mysterious individual known as Saldeath.
17 Underworld Rising On Level Two, the guards were investigating the disturbance only to find the Basilisk defeated and the Sphinx missing in action with a gaping hole in the floor leading down to Level Three. They were soon mobbed by the prisoners who were set loose by Natsume while being lead by Arlong and Kuro. On Level Three, the Revolutionaries were caught in a trap by Saldeath in a Kairouseki net, but the Sphinx awoke in anger and broke the net, freeing them and allowing them to defeat the Blugori, guards, and Saldeath simutaneously. Quillian encountered Mr. 3 of Baroque Works and angrily set him free despite the trouble they had in the past with him killing her family for refusing to join the organization. Natsume explained to Saldeath that their mission there was to free Emporio Ivankov and that caught the attention of Mr. 2, who said that he would help them locate her. After the Chief Guard was dispatched of, Natsume set Mr. 2 free, but subsequently attacked him without warning, stating that he was an enemy of the Revolutionary army.
18 Devils of Hell After coming to an agreement with Mr. 2 after he saved Quillian from the Sphinx, Natsume and their newly recruited Okama ally defeated the Sphinx and continued on towards reaching Level Four. Before they managed to make it down to the next floor, they were attacked by the Demon Guard Minotaurus. He scored a crushing blow on Natsume that seemed to have taken her out indefinitely, but when Mr. 2 was on the verge of being killed by Minotaurus, Natsume saved him and took the guard down. They then proceeded down to Level Four after Faron and Quillian, who had gone during the battle. When they reached the bottom, there was a scream that alerted them to a scene where Mr. 1 had killed a prisoner and attacked the other two female Revolutionaries. Before Mr. 1 could exact any kind of revenge on Mr. 2 for their unfinished battle in Arabasta, Natsume stopped him and demanded that he join forces with them or he would be taken down at that very moment.
19 Impel Down Mobilizes Mr. 1 agrees to assist the Revolutionaries only if they release Mr. 0, also known as Crocodile, from his prison. After they part ways, the Impel Down staff are seen gathering in order to finally confront the threat of their intruders. With the effects of Quillian's interference starting to wear off, they begin to come up with a strategy to defeat the Revolutionaries. Hannyabal guards the stairs to Level Three while Sadi-chan and the Demon Guards are stationed at Level Five with Magellan taking the opportunity to relieve himself. Natsume and her team rush Sadi-chan's defensive team after blinding them with a Flash Dial, immediately taking down the three Demon Guards without hesitation. Sadi-chan is backed into a corner, but she shows no fear against them as Magellan makes his appearance to handle the situation personally.
20 Natsume versus Magellan While Natsume stayed behind to face the Chief Warden, Faron, Quillian, and Mr. 2 fled down towards Level Five in order to continue their search for Emporio Ivankov. Magellan tried to poison Natsume many times with his Hydra, but once she learned the nature of his powers, she made it a habit to avoid them however possible. She was temporarily blinded by Magellan's Chloro Ball where he followed up by trying to impale her with the prosthetic horns attached to his head, but she managed to disarm him of one of them. In the end, she proved herself invulnerable to his poison armor by striking him with a powerful right cross in the stomach.
21 The Ivory Blade Strikes On Level Five, Quillian and Mr. 2 were attempting to gather information about the whereabouts of Emporio Ivankov when one of the prisoners made mention of an abandoned guardhouse near the woods where he said he saw a strange man wandering around. As it was their only lead, they had to trust the man despite him leading them to some kind of trap. There was a guardhouse out in the woods, but before they could get anywhere near it, the group was attacked by a pack of wolves that served as the guards for Level Five. They all fought valiantly, but ended up suffering several life threatening wounds and nearly died until one of the wolves tore Faron's hood off, causing her to descend into a minor psychotic episode that ended up with her letting out an inhuman shriek that scared the wolves into stopping their attack. After a disturbing death threat from Faron, the wolves turned tail and fled, leaving the three intruders collapsed on the ground. A peculiar individual appeared from out of the woods and took them away when a freak gust of wind blasted through, blocking them from view with a miniature snow storm.
22 Burning Passion of a Radical After having been struck by Natsume once due to her unique ability to avoid being poisoned by his armor, Magellan proceeded with a bit more caution when fighting her. He deflected one of her punches by expanding his already massive form and attacked her again with the Hydra in an attempt to coat her in its poison. Natsume noticed that the Hydra still sustained damage from their previous battle and tried to finish it off with a fierce kick, but it only caused her shoe to erode into dust before Magellan sprung out of the Hydra's body and stabbed her with his horn, finally getting his poison running through her veins. She noticed that it was draining of her of her strength and making her tired out easier, but she was determined to defeat Magellan before the poison did her in. When Magellan tried to kill Natsume with his noxious gases, she unleashed an invisible burst of energy in order to expel it and destroy his Hydra all in the same moment. After that, Natsume used Magellan's poison induced diet to her advantage and continuously attacked him in the stomach, forcing his diarrhea problems to sideline him long enough for her to taken him down with a powerful punch from the art of her Prodigious Karate. She had barely managed to defeat him, but then her body gave in to the poison and she collapsed into a state of unconsciousness only to be surrounded by a group of strange individuals that did not seem to be jailer or prisoner at all.
23 The Miracle Person Natsume awoke in a daze after thinking she had died from Magellan's poison, but she was encountered with a strange female who told her that she had found her three friends frozen in the snow. Shortly after, Natsume had a heartfelt reunion with Faron, Quillian, and Mr. 2 before meeting with one of the people they had come to rescue, the Miracle Person Emporio Ivankov. Having been made aware of the situation from Quillian, Ivankov agreed to escape with them and also save Ace. All of the residents of New Kama Land as well as the three Revolutionaries and Mr. 2 prepared for the war that was to come.
24 Escapades in Eternal Hell Leading the main attack group, Natsume and the residents of New Kama Land battled their way down to Level Six, destroying the traps and guards on the way and finally reaching the cell of Portgas D. Ace after a hard fought war through the deadly prison. He was liberated from his cell, but a huge spike trap blocked the lift back up to Level One and the spiral staircase was sealed off by iron bars as Magellan's poison gas was unleashed into the room. When both of their exits were cut off, Crocodile agreed to help them if he had a shot at killing Whitebeard, but Ivankov decided to keep him in line. Jinbei begged them to let him help and when Ace vouched for him, he was released as well. The small army of prisoners and Revolutionaries then prepared for their ascent back to the highest echelons of Impel Down and their imminent escape.
25 Jamming with the Devil The Impel Down guards arrived at Level Six too late to capture the escapees while former Chief Jailer Shiryuu mocked them for their failure and told them to ask Magellan to release him so he could lend them a hand. The Revolutionaries fought their way up to Level Four where they encountered Sadi-chan. Everyone went ahead while Quillian stayed behind in order to fight her, displaying excelling abilities with her sword, Gulbrand and making short of Sadi-chan before continuing on up to Level Three to meet with her allies. Outside of Impel Down, another Marine vessel was seen approaching that had the Shichibukai Marshall D. Teach on board, commenting on how he was going to finish the job he started with Ace.
26 Shiryuu and the Four Fiends While the Revolutionaries fought their way up to the higher levels, Blackbeard began a descent into Impel Down in order to kill Ace. The riots continued on Level Two and Level Four as more prisoners began escaping. Magellan gave the order for Shiryuu to be released, but he betrayed him moments after he was set free and he opened the cages to three notorious criminals: Catarina Devon, Basco Shot, and San Juan Wolf. The four of them discussed a plan of some sorts before Roche Tomson, the fifth member of their new team appeared saying that Blackbeard's plan was ready to be executed after three years of waiting.
27 Justice is Blind On Level One, the Blackbeard Pirates came into contact with Shiryuu and his four new allies where they all got into a conflict with one another that involved a stand off of sorts. Back on Level Four, the three Demon Guards Minozebra, Minorhinoceros and Minokoala were all defeated by Natsume, Jinbei, Crocodile, and Ace respectively while Hannyabal appeared as the last line of defense to stall them for when Magellan showed up, but he was beaten into submission by Natsume. His resilience kept him going until Blackbeard appeared on the scene with his crew and crushed Hannyabal beneath his boot. It appeared that Shiryuu failed to stop Blackbeard and his crew. When Teach threatened to kill Ace, Natsume attacked him with extreme prejudice and sent him collapsing to the ground as if he were dead.
28 The End of Impel Down Natsume fought Blackbeard on Level Four and was able to knock him out momentarily only to be attacked by Van Auger who was quickly set ablaze by Ace. They took that opportunity to try and escape but Blackbeard recovered and tried to draw Ace in with his Devil Fruit powers. Magellan showed up at the last minute and coated all of the Blackbeard pirates in his Hydra, nearly killing them and then giving chase to the Revolutionaries. Their army tore through Level Three and reached Level Two where Ivankov stopped to stall Magellan but to no avail. Both he and Inazuma failed on Levels Two and One respectively while Magellan reached the entrance of Level One to stop the prisoners. Mr. 3 was able to hold off his Hydra with his Doru Doru no Mi powers until Magellan used Kinjite to create his Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment. Natsume and Jinbei had one final stand against Magellan after Ace was safely in the hands of Whitebeard and Ivankov was searching for a leftover ship that Whitebeard did not destroy. They combined their strength together with Natsume's developing Haki and Mr. 3's Giant Candle Wall to knock the Warden unconscious and successfully escape. Shortly after they escaped, Crocodile and the remaining prisoners took another battleship while Shiryuu joined Blackbeard along with his four fellow prisoners and they left on a coated ship that San Juan Wolf had hiding beneath Impel Down for over three years.

Kedamono Saga

Tsukuyomi Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
29 CP0 Assembled After the defeat of Impel Down, Cipher Pol Zero gathered in Mock Town on the island of Jaya to discuss their future mission. Kedamono Ender and Kotoki were sent to Parm in order to capture the Straw Hat Pirates while Marek, Akira, Cecilia, and Nadeisco made their way to Impel Down in order to institute the re-capture of the escaped criminals.
30 The Tides of Battle Ender arrives on Parm with Kotoki and the two of them make preparations to spring the trap on the Straw Hats when they arrive. Nadeisco broke away from the Dragon Wraith in order to sail to Parm on his Glider and kill the Straw Hats himself. Showing no concern for it, Marek continues to Impel Down with Akira and Cecilia and they encounter Magellan when they arrive. A brief altercation breaks out when Magellan is insulted by Marek about the poor quality of the Impel Down staff and when he tries to attack them, he fails in damaging both Akira and Marek and is soon knocked out by the former. The Thousand Sunny finally arrives at Parm and Jeran steels himself for the long awaited encounter with his father, Ender.
31 Jeran's Homecoming! The Wrath of the Elder Kedamono! After docking at the island, Jeran immediately goes to his old home, reuniting with Rydia along the way and learning that his father already knows about his dealings with the pirates and the Marines. However uneasy he feels about the situation, Jeran puts those feelings aside and enters the house he grew up only to be attacked by Ender. After a short struggle in which Luffy intervenes and stands up for Jeran's decision, Ender relents but has them stay for a few days to recuperate. A few days after the Straw Hats arrive, Nadeisco soon follows behind them. What possible trouble could he be bringing to the once peaceful island in West Blue?
32 The Clash on Parm Ender went out to confront Nadeisco as the "hero of Parm" and proceeded to fight against him. It was a completely one-sided battle because Ender could not blow his cover by using his Rokushiki in public and showing that he was a Cipher Pol Agent, so Nadeisco came close to doing serious harm to him. However, a timely interference by Luffy spares Ender's life and his cover and Nadeisco states that Luffy just made his job easier.
33 The Inhumanity The battle between Nadeisco and Luffy was a fierce battle where neither could get the upper hand due to Nadeisco's unique abilities and Luffy's resilient nature, but when Luffy utilized his Gear Second and managed to break his arms, the fight ended shortly after with a deadly headbutt to Nadeisco's chest. When Luffy went to go tell Ender that he would not have to worry about anything else, he was attacked and knocked out as the Cipher Pol Agent revealed his true identity. Kotoki appeared as well and the Straw Hats found themselves on the defense against two more operatives.
34 The Irresistible Call of the Spirit Enraged at his father's treachery, Jeran began to fight against Ender but he was unable to even do anything to harm him. When he realized that his son was too weak to challenge him, Ender decided he would pick off his friends one by one. He used his Devil Fruit power and took control of Jeran's body to force him to fight his own comrades against his will. Kotoki was tasked with fighting against the other Straw Hat Pirates while Jeran fought Zoro under Ender's influence.
35 The Shadow of the Kedamono Family Nami, Brook, Franky and Usopp fought against Kotoki to the best of their abilities, but her Rokushiki arts as well as the Devil Fruit she consumed made her an almost impossible target to harm or hit to begin with. Once Usopp had finished the preparations for his Flame Star explosion, he ignited it and caught Kotoki within the massive blast. She survived it without a single scratch on her and she was about to kill Usopp until Franky caught her with his extending arm and took her out with an Impact Dial. While Jeran fought Zoro, there was a battle going on within Jeran's soul and the demonic spirit of his Devil Fruit suddenly materialized before Ender, referring to itself as Tsukuyomi and forcing Ender out to empower Jeran with the dark aura of night as Tsukuyomi took over his body.
36 Cipher Pol…Defeated?! With the power of Tsukuyomi, Jeran had reached a whole new level of power and Ender deemed him as a serious threat and struck him with a killing blow with his sledgehammer. Luffy was enraged at him assaulting one of his friends, but Jeran was quick to rise and he pierced through Ender's flesh with his bare hand, prompting Kotoki to try and protect him and even Luffy wanting to interfere. However, Nadeisco awakened from his unconscious state and told Kotoki to grab Ender, but Jeran intercepted them, demanding that they leave if they did not want to be killed. He had regained some manner of control over his body and warned them for their own sake. Kotoki roused the villagers of Sawdust Village to form a riot against the Straw Hats for attacking their hero. Disgusted by their actions, the crew tried to defend themselves to no avail. They soon left with a bitter taste in their mouths over the hollow victory they had achieved.
37 Let's Return to the Grand Line! After their hollow victory on Parm, the Straw Hat Pirates finally decided to head back to the Grand Line, realizing that they had to get back to their destination by means of following Rayleigh's Vivrecard. They find the entrance into the Grand Line through Reverse Mountain in West Blue, taking them to a different part of the Grand Line from where they first arrived at the Twin Capes. At the same time, at a Marine base in the Grand Line, word spread quickly about the riot of Impel Down and the escaped prisoners. They also had to deal with the defeat of one of Cipher Pol Zero's top agents at the hands of the Straw Hat Pirates. Several bounties were given out for these events and at the same time in West Blue, Kuragari and Hiruma were preparing to leave Hitoya in order to make their way after the Straw Hats shortly after they were demoted to the rank of Commander for their failures.

Kuragari and Hiruma Saga

Marine Defection Mini-Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
38 Marine Base G-24 Now reassigned at a Marine Base in Jaya, Hiruma and Kuragari are charged with the task of keeping order around the island with no law. However, Kuragari has an epiphany about the Straw Hat Pirates and he informs Hiruma that they are going to defect and leave in order to pursue them. They head over to Jaya in an attempt to find a new ship, but on the way they run into the Bellamy Pirates and they treat this as a blessing in their plans to leave.
39 The Hyena's Last Laugh Not taking the two former Captains seriously, Bellamy sent his crew to fight against Hiruma and Kuragari where they met a swift defeat at the hands of them. Sarquiss launched an attack on Hiruma only to be shot through the arm and put to sleep by a submission hold from the phantom Captain while Kuragari defeated the remaining members of Bellamy's crew. Bellamy himself suddenly regained his composure and used his Devil Fruit powers to launch a vicious assault on the Marines, but he was taken out just as quickly after they lulled him into a false sense of security. With the collective bounties of Bellamy and Sarquiss, they purchased a new Xebec model ship and set out to the open sea in order to confront the Straw Hat Pirates.

Blank Island Saga

Costa Del Palms Arc

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
40 Buggy's Infamy While the Straw Hats follow the Log Pose to Blank Island, the Buggy Pirates are celebrating in the return of their old Captain as well as the arrival of several new allies, one of them being Mr. 3 of Baroque Works. Alvida reveals to Buggy that his bounty has been considerably heightened to 75,000,000 and that he is now a serious threat to the World Government for being a former ally to Gold Roger. Because of the disturbances the pirates were causing, the Costa Del Palms Military Task Force showed up to silence them. Senior General Amol challenged them to a fight once they were proving to be belligerent. At the same time, the Straw Hats arrived on the island and saw the rest of the pirate crews who stopped there with Jeran commenting it could be good exercise to defeat the newcomers to the Grand Line.
41 The Costa Sentinels Amol's soldiers were defeated but it did not stop him from standing against the clown pirate. He made Buggy scared for his own life when the Senior General fired a shot without hesitation that missed his head by inches. Alvida stepped in and sent Amol flying before making an order to head back to the Big Top, so the Buggy pirates did as they were told and retreated to the shore. Back at the docks, the Straw Hats picked off several pirate crews that attacked them but also attracted the attention of Junior General Nae and his squadron of Sentinels, who immediately accused them of causing all the damage on the beach. Jeran became angered by their accusations and he challenged Nae to a fight in order to beat some sense into him.
42 Junior General Nae's Battle! Jeran and Nae's fight escalated to the point that it appeared both of them had killing intent, but when Jeran felt as if Tsukuyomi were going to try and force its way out, he hesitated and gave Nae an opening to attack. He managed to catch his weapon and he defeated Nae with a single attack by smashing his face into the ground. The other soldiers attacked in retaliation, but they were all subsequently defeated at one time by Robin before Amol showed up to control the situation. He apologized for his subordinates behavior and offered the Straw Hats lodging for dealing with the ruffians at the beach. Just as everything seemed to be peaceful, the Buggy pirates bombed the shore with one of Buggy's specially made Muggy Balls.
43 Buggy's Short Rebound When Buggy threatened to get his revenge, Luffy simply shrugged off his claims without even recalling who he was at first. Half of the Straw Hats group opted to simply wait on the Sunny while Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Jeran took care of the crew. They tore through the Impel Down inmates with relative ease while the true fighters of the Buggy Pirates gave them a bit more trouble. Nonetheless, they were all defeated soundly while another member of the Sentinels witnessed the fight from afar. While the Straw Hats transported Amol and Nae onto the Sunny for medical attention, he left on horseback to report his findings to the "chief."
44 The Conspiracy of Blank Island The spy reported back to the Chief of the Sentinels Gustav and he was ordered to find Notus so they could retrieve Amol and Nae from the Straw Hats care while Anik was ordered to go with Callisto and apprehend the Buggy Pirates for their actions. Tobias and Notus approached the Sunny and managed to gain the trust of Zoro without incident before being allowed to go below deck and begin transportation of their troops back to the headquarters. At the same time Anik met with Callisto and he began a plan to conspire against the Straw Hat Pirates.
45 The Plot Begins Callisto and Anik confronted the Buggy Pirates before making short work of them in order to take them to Gustav as part of their plan. Back at the Sunny the Sentinels were treated of their injuries and brought back to the Headquarters with Robin's assistance. Amol and Nae gave their report about the situation to Gustav before Anik and Callisto returned with the Buggy Pirates in tow. The plan to frame the Straw Hat Pirates was suggested to Gustav, but not without Amol disagreeing in disgust about it, though Gustav superseded his opinion and decided to follow through with it, stating the Straw Hat Pirates would die by their hand.
46 Resignation Summary soon to come!!
47 Anik's Path Summary soon to come!!
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