Toan Atlamillia
Personal Information
Age 25
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood Type A Positive
Height 182.88 cm [72 in]
Weight 68.0389 kg [150 lbs]
Birthday June 12th
Status Alive
Epithet Silent Lion
Affiliation Lion Pirates
Ship Name Noble Galleon
Occupation Captain
Crew Strength Advanced
Family Johnathon Atlamillia (Father)

Marie Atlamillia (Mother)

William D. Atlamillia (Grandfather)

Bounty 400,000,000
Dream To Become The World's Strongest.
Devil Fruit
Devul Fruit Name N/A

Toan Atlamillia, also known as the "Silent Lion" is labeled as a pirate by the World Government and is captain of the Lion Pirates. Toan was born a mute to ex-Commodore Johnathon Atlamillia and ex-Lieutenant Commander Marie Atlamiliia in Mandun located within the South Blue during the Age of Pirates. His mother sheltered him during his youth to protect him from the influence of the outside world while his father taught him carpentry skills as a trade starting at a young age. Shortly after Toan turned twelve, his father taught him how to properly defend himself with martial arts. Once Toan came of age at sixteen, he was entrusted with his father's old equipment which included an old pistol, a shotgun, and a heavy rifle. Using his allowance, Toan eventually purchased a Saber from his local shop to practice swordsmanship.

Toan's father taught him Rokushiki after he had fully developed his own martial arts skills on his own. While his father knew all six forms he could not perform or teach Toan the Rokuogan technique. For the next three years Toan would continue to hone his abilities, techniques, and weapons until he mastered utilizing all of them. Shortly after, his mother taught him about Haki, specifically Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki. Toan went along and spent time mastering these new skills until he turned twenty-one years old where he finally decided to set sail and explore the world.

While in Tafield, Toan met his grandfather for the first time. An incredibly dangerous and notorious pirate named William D. Atlamillia who was the captain of the Raftel Pirates. Due to their meeting and battle with local Marine Forces Toan was given an initial bounty of 101 Million Berry. Shortly before they parted ways, William issued a challenge to Toan, stating: "Meet me at Hastow Keep beyond Raftel! They who step into that castle and defeat The Dark King shall become the strongest alive!" before leaving Toan to his current objective in Tafield. This sparked something inside of Toan who took up the challenge and set sail to defeat The Dark King to become the World's Strongest.


Toan has shaggy black hair and green eyes with a short nose and average facial features. He wears a white button down shirt with the collar up and the first two buttons undone under a brown vest that is left completely open. Both rest under a large black coat that is on his shoulders seemingly defying physics as it always remains there unless it is physically removed. Toan wears brown fingerless leather gloves that go up about one-quarter of his arm and are tightened to his arms through a belt that is seen just before the wrist. Toan wears gray pants and brown shoes with gray soles that have an old fashioned brown cloth buckle along a strap on the top of his shoes.

Toan carries his weapons on his body differently depending weather or not he is on his ship or on land. While on the ground he normally carries his shotgun in a holster situated just below the square of his back. His pistol is in a holster attached to his hip over his right pocket at a slight angle. His Saber is in its scabbard on his left hip tied onto the his brown belt. While on his ship, he has a large belt that he uses to hold his heavy rifle wrapped around his waist just before the bottom of his vest letting the weapon rest at a position he can easily raise and fire it. Toan can sometimes be seen reading or writing in an old faded hardback notebook. The book once belonged to his grandfather and has many secrets about the world written in it. Toan has been cataloging his own events in a journal of his own to continue his legacy just like his grandfather.

He has a signature laugh though being a mute it sounds strange like he’s whistling: “Huehuehuehue”.


Toan is a very polite pirate having been raised by a Marine Family and learned the meaning of courtesy at a very young age. Though he is a mute, he can communicate by writing things down most of which have shown his kindhearted nature and curiosity. He has never written anything venomous or belittling in his notebook or his journal about anyone, even the Marines who attacked him and his family. When fighting he retains a serious personality but will always allow his opponent to live unless it becomes absolutely necessary to kill them.

Relationships [Requires Update]


Kiso Agrin

Kiso Agrin is a swordsman from Tafield, is the older brother of Courtney Agrin, and son of the ex-Commodore Eugene Agrin. Kiso first met Toan when he came to his village that was under the ruthless control of Cipher Pol-2 in search of supplies. Due to certain events, Kiso would team up with Toan to take down CP2 and rescue his sister. After Toan had left Tafield in search of Silvia Holmes, Kiso bought a boat to follow him and eventually joined his crew along with Silvia during the Coliseum of Gods Arc. Kiso has since shown fierce determination and loyalty to Toan's cause and his crew mates as their Helmsman and Swordsman. After the loss of his Carrier Sword he now wields Shodai Kitetsu which was the tenth hidden sword within his Carrier Sword. As with all swords designed by Kitetsu the sword bears a curse with it that is said to bring a horrible death to its owner.

Kiso is a blacksmith by nature and thus created his Carrier Sword which holds nine other blades of varying sizes and shapes within its massive frame. Eventually after having lost his sword he was left with a regular long sword for some time. After training during The New World Arcs he found that his family had a magical property that allowed them to create swords of any kind by planting a weapon of similar nature into the ground and calling out a name. The swords created only last temporarily before shattering and turning into dust. After his three years of rigorous training, Kiso can create swords of any length, size, durability, and style with little effort and in droves. Kiso seems to have also mitigated the time limit on his smaller swords but claims that larger weapons still crumble away after only ten minutes of prolonged use.

After the ten year gap between the final battle between The Dark King and Toan, Kiso decided to stay behind on Raftel to achieve his dream of creating the "Perfect Sword" out of Shodai Kitetsu. With enough effort he transformed Shodai Kitetsu into a sword so powerful even he cannot wield it effectively. He has spent the next seven years mastering his own swordsmanship skills in the wilds and traveled to nearby islands and fought off pirates who attempted to land at Raftel. Even after all of this he still cannot wield this now legendary blade which is the only thing preventing him from achieving his dream. He vows to one day wield the newly named Magna Spero and become the World's Strongest Swordsman.

Silvia Holmes

Silvia Holmes is the love interest of Toan and the original reason he set sail into the seas. She met Toan when they were both young in his home town of Mandun and there the two fell in love. While she was an experienced fighter, Silvia and her crew were captured and tortured by Naginama in Skypeia to take part in his "Warrior Games". Silvia only survived with the assistance of a tree that grew fruit into her cell whic lead to her eventually eating the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Snow Leopard out of hunger turning her into a Snow Leopard Human. Shortly after the events of the Coliseum of Gods Arc, she joined Toan's crew at the same time as Kiso Agrin while they escaped from Marine Vice Admiral Cross Bizen as his Doctor and Navigator.

Silvia was the Navigator of the Coliseum Pirates who enjoyed rallying battles and combat. She does have a softer side as when shown with Toan whom she fell in love with. After she lost her crew and Captain, who was also her father, she joined Toan's crew and rested her father's sword at a local island after they had landed. During The New World Arcs she witnessed Toan getting apparently crushed under large debris and went into an enraged state which awoke her Devil Fruit's full capabilities giving her copious amounts of strength while transformed and allowed her to use her animal instincts outside of her half or full Zoan transformation. During the three year time-skip she mastered her Devil Fruit to the point her Human-Beast Form simply displays her animal's ears on the top of her head and its tail protrudes from her backside while still giving her access to her hidden strength. While a normal human she still maintains her animal's heightened sight, smell, and can utilize one hundred percent of her muscles making her physically the second strongest member of the crew just after Toan and Kiso. An example of this strength was when she explained about turning the large island she was training on into an archipelago after hitting it hard enough when she was angry.

Camula Chronos

Camula Chronos is the Queen of Minas Celegon which is now left in ruins. She used a dragon that was hidden in the castle's basement to grant her wishes and the wishes of the people in order to keep their trust of the young Queen. The castle came under siege by a usurper named Osmond Asmodeus who had the powers of the Mythical Zoan Fruit: Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Vampire. Toan and his crew came on the day of a siege and agreed to assist Camula in protecting the castle using her witchcraft and protecting the dragon that Osmond was after. Once this final siege was stopped with the combined efforts of Toan and his crew along with Camula's army she agreed to help them by giving them her ship the Noble Galleon which was a huge ship that her family had made many years ago. Before they set sail, Toan offered Camula to join their crew and after some delegation from her soldiers she agreed to go with them as their Chronicler and Quartermaster.

Camula Chronos utilizes Black Magic as her main means of attack along with a collapsible bo staff. Thanks to her magic abilities she could also heal other using White Magic to what little knowledge she knew and took care of a giant wish granting dragon in its final days. The last wish she granted was for Toan to master his Haki Abilities and know how to utilize them properly which lead to Osmond's defeat and the passing of the dragon. She showed timidity when first joining the crew but has since grown attached to her crew mates and treats them like family. After the three year time-skip, Camula has fully mastered both Black and White Magic and has given up on using a bo staff. She is able to use magic in various ways as a form of telekinesis to a destructive force capable of destroying thick steel walls in the strongest of cases. She also visited her old home which had become ruins after Osmond had returned for revenge during the three years and swears vengeance upon him and his entire cult.

Perry Berlink

Perry Berlink is a Telepath and experiment from the North Blue. He was taken into Sacot by Cross Bizen under his dutiful watch where he was eventually rescued by Toan's crew. Though very untrustworthy at first being a sly gentleman he eventually warmed up to the group that had saved his life and helped escape from the clutches of Cross Bizen joining Toan's Crew as their Chef and Scholar. Perry had actually been all over the four Blue Seas and inside of Paradise all the way to Marineford situated in the Sapphire Sea just before Fishman Island and knew every island and place in between due to his photographic memory and enhanced mind. He has since shown great knowledge and aloof attitude to his crew mates with his dream of gathering all of the knowledge in the world.

Perry's abilities stem from his super enhanced mind and intellectual properties giving him the nickname "Psycho" by his crew mates and other civilians. He is also named "No.96" after his tattoo on his chest showing what test subject number he was located on his left pectoral on the upper left side of his chest in crimson red. He shows to have telepathic, telekinetic, and -kinesis based abilities thanks to these experiments and uses them to a wide variety of effects. After the three year time-skip he has shown his abilities to have furthered to the point he can communicate with the entire crew at once using his telepathy and even use his Kenbunshoku Haki to see into the future of possible events to occur making him the most varied character on the crew.

Yamako Ai

Yamako Ai is the Princess of the Taleah Kindgom and is an honored guest of Fishman Island. An energetic and strong girl who has the ability to speak to animals, Yamako ran away from her home in search of adventure eventually teaming up with Drake Laking to travel the world. During the events of The Dark Seas Arc she met Toan and his crew which helped her and Drake escape from prosecution by the Taleah Government who attempted to take her back by force. After those events she agreed to join Toan's Crew who was setting sail to see the top of the world anyways and would pass by many memorable locations. Drake however left for Fishman Island and told Toan that he would join them once he had settled things there. Yamako joined Toan's crew as their official Beast Tamer and Musician.

Yamako's abilities allow her to speak to animals and tame them accordingly. She is a great Beast Tamer and singer able to serenade the crew to keep their hopes up as well as incorporate her voice into combat or using different instruments while on the ship. She was very much the glass cannon of the crew but she was never a burden. After the three year time-skip she had managed to not only better her singing skills but also learned how to speak multiple languages beats and human alike. She also can cast her voice at a higher frequency then usual giving it a shockwave effect against enemies.

Drake Laking

Drake Laking is a unique Dragon-Kraken Fishman. While not transformed his head is elongated and has a snout similar to that of a dragon but his body is large like a tiger shark's own. While in the water he can transform into a huge Dragon-Kraken that measures at eleven meters tall and nearly twenty-four meters in length if his tentacles are counted (eighteen meters if not). He is stoic and fights using his mastery of Fishman Jujutsu and Fishman Karate. While underwater his speed is near immeasurable compared to his normal size often mistaken for a Sea King and can catch prey moving at heightened speeds.

Drake decided that he would join the crew once he spoke to King Neptune and leave the Royal Guard to protect his close friend Yamako. Once Toan and his crew landed on Fishman Island a few months after their initial visit the Island welcomed them and prepared their ship to go to The New World. Drake left the Royal Guard to protect Yamako and assist Toan on his crew as a second Shipwright and the first Instructor to teach the crew about Martial Arts and other various fighting styles. After the three year time-skip his monstrous form had enlarged making him the largest creature in the sea far exceeding that of all known Sea King specimens and while on land his height changed from an average 2.96 meters to a whopping 4.5 meters in growth. Drake explained that he is not long for this world as his body would not be able to withstand his mutated nature. He did however wish to see Toan's and Yamako's dreams fulfilled before he would be laid to rest back on Fishman Island where he was born.

Vikki Oates

Vikki Oates and her lover Rosendo Sayre are from Hawie just outside of the Sapphire Sea in the New World. They were fellow scientists for the Marines HQ and she was notable for discovering weaknesses within Devil Fruits as well as curing certain ailments that it brings. Initially, Vikki was cautious of the Lion Pirates at first and had Rosendo capture them with his powers. After their research lab was attacked by Tengu D. Cesar and could not get help by the Marines who abandoned them to die, the Lion Pirates were freed and helped Vikki and Rosendo escape from Tengu and his crew. Shortly after, Vikki and Rosendo agreed to join Toan's crew and further their research thanks to having a Zoan on their ship as well as a psychic. Vikki joined the Lion Pirates as their Primary Doctor and Scientist.

Vikki is not a very adept fighter and would rather use her smarts during battle. Though easily outmatched by the others in the crew she had learned to use Dials as a way to fight effectively along with Pop Greens and hidden weapons that she develops in her spare time including her new bo staff. After the three year time-skip she is said to be pregnant with Rosendo's child over a Tone Dial to which Rosendo compliments. Vikki is absent during the final arc as she was left behind to bear Rosendo's child "Aster Sayre" in their home town of Hawie while Rosnedo met up with the crew. Vikki was sad she could not see her friends after the time-skip right away but promised to meet them should they come back to Hawie once she's recovered.

Rosendo Sayre

Rosendo Sayre and her lover Vikki Oates are from Hawie just outside of the Sapphire Sea in the New World. They were fellow scientists for the Marines HQ and he was notable for being an incredibly powerful Bounty Hunter for the Marines HQ. He ate the Kojo Kojo no Mi a Logia-type that allows him to control nature in his surroundings and cover himself in protective vines while his hair appears as a red rose top with a bent petal. When the Lion Pirates first arrived Rosendo was sent to capture them and succeeded in doing so due to his immense powers and power of being able to absorb water to grow his Logia State. During their capture, Tengu D. Cesar located Vikki and attacked her along with Rosendo. Leaving no other option, Rosendo freed the pirates to assist them to protect his love and together they escaped with Rosendo joining the crew as their Commando and secondary Scientist.

Rosendo is an incredibly competent fighter and scientist. He uses Pop Greens and his Logia to an extreme intent being able to grow an entire forest after the three year time-skip from a single Pop Green Seed infused with the help of his own powers. Due to Vikki's tampering with his own Devil Fruit through a method of gardening allowing Rosendo to absorb water of any kind through his vines to 'grow' increasing his size and strength indefinitely so long as he is connected to a water source. After the three year time-skip Rosendo had appeared to the crew as a giant standing no less than five hundred meters tall and shrunk immediately after stepping out of the water of the seas to his usual 1.96 meters showing he had full control of his Logia's natural growth by this point. Rosendo can also launch his vine's thorns as projectiles and tighten his vines to create hardened armor on a reflex to prevent them from being cut. Due to his Logia, if he loses a limb he must be near a green natural source to grow back his lost limb.

Maximilian Henri

Maximilian Henri was thrown out of the medical facility located in Panda, the City of Charms near the Sea of Obeia within the New World. Due to his research having gone haywire and his unorthodox measures taken to further medical science he was seen as unstable and a liability by The Marines. Henri was greeted by Toan's crew after having escaped from The Resistance and met up with the doctor sailing afloat in the sea on a dingy. After some trouble with his strange and awkward attitude towards humans he eventually assisted the crew with Mako Kaerius and his group before joining Toan's crew to help further medical science while sailing the seas. Henri joined the Lion Pirates as their third Doctor and Primary Assassin.

Henri had originally been an assassin hired by CP7 to handle infiltrators within the organization but was demoted due to his youthful attitude towards humankind and its flaws. He also was seen as incredibly unstable from injuries he sustained in his later years as an adult making him design strange medicine and eventually designing the 'Rumble Fruit' which is an extension and perfection of the 'Rumble Ball' which can, for a short period, enhance Devil Fruit powers greatly at the cost of shrinking the user's lifespan. After the three year time-skip, Henri had returned now more composed and sane thanks to the help of Toan's family and their connections to The Marines. He had developed a unique way of fighting in the time passed besides using simple fisticuffs and uses a Zanbato that looks similar to a chainsaw. Henri can wield this weapon using only one hand giving him free time to use his other for fending off opponents with his mixture of medicinal weapons at his disposal.

Mako Kaerius

Mako Kaerius is a Merman and leader of The Resistance within the Tenebrous Sea, Sapphire Sea, and the Sea of Obeia. Mako at first distrusted all humans wielding a golden trident showing his domination over his group who held control of three of the minor Blue Seas within the world against the surface world. It wasn't until Toan and the Lion Pirates helped Mako escape the grasp of Scarlet Matthews and Raijin Gates that he began to believe in humanity once again. Shortly after the events of "Marineford's Shadow" Mako joined the Lion Pirates and lead them to Atlantis where they would meet Dartz Maxim, the Prince of Atlantis and current King in his father's stead. Mako joined the Lion Pirates as their secondary Commando and third Shipwright. He doesn't get along with Drake Laking.

Mako was an extraordinarily strong Merman who wielded a golden trident given to him by Dartz Maxim who he answered to for all of his orders. He is an incredibly good Shipwright and had a troubled past growing up being abused by lazy humans who threw trash and chemicals into the water mutating other Fishmen and Merman like Drake Laking. As such he hated humanity until his eyes were opened by Toan and his crew. After the three year time-skip Mako had been shown to master Merman Combat and Merman Gujutsu on an equal level to Drake's Fishman Combat and Fishman Jujutsu. Together the two are incredibly powerful in the water and an unstoppable force if threatened.

Dartz Maxim

Dartz Maxim was born in Atlantis below the New World's seas several islands away from Raftel. As a citizen born in the ancient city many, many eons ago, Dartz Maxim holds peace and balance above all else contrary to his attitude of wishing to be the best through combat. He ate the Me Me no Mi Devil Fruit giving him the powers of Perception Manipulation turning one of his eyes golden and allowing him to learn the techniques of others in an instant as well as warping the perception of others slightly. Upon meeting Toan and the Lion Pirates he was of course frustrated humans had found Atlantis but after some communications with Mako and William D. Atlamillia who revealed Toan as his grandson, Dartz was happy to accept the offer to join the crew and leave Atlantis in the hands of his father once again once he was safe from The Marines' knowledge. Dartz joined the Lion Pirates as their secondary Swordsman and secondary Scholar having knowledge of every island in the world.

Dartz was an impossible intelligent child and ate his devil fruit at an extremely young age. Due to this he has had many years to master it but at first only used it to further his own goals nearly killing him from attempting to fight the World's Strongest Swordsman to a duel and broke his own arms attempting to use the advanced techniques of the swordsman to defeat him. He has since matured but still resents his previous rash actions. After the three year time-skip Dartz has mastered his Devil Fruit and awakened it to where he can physically manifest personas of himself and change reality to a certain point as an illusion of perception even making himself invisible to others and making them see hallucinations of whatever he wishes. He does note that if he holds this ability for too long he will go blind in whatever eye he's using or both if he attempts to increase the power using more than a single eye. When he returned, he was shown walking on water claiming he simply 'perceived' there was ground underneath him and walked to the island. He has also shown mastery and control over Haoshoku Haki after the time-skip.


Johnathon Atlamillia

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Marie Atlamillia

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William D. Atlamilla

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Courtney Agrin

The young sister of Kiso Agrin who resides in Tafield. She was abducted by the Cipher Pol 2 agents Kikua Juno and Roger Sakaki who intended to use her as a form of enforcement on the people. Due to Toan Atlamillia and Kiso's actions she was eventually saved and brought back to her home. Unlike her brother who is a born blacksmith, Courtney is a born shipwright and helped designed Kiso's boat so he could follow and join Toan on his adventures. She still writes letters to her brother and Toan every month in hopes they'll one day come back and visit.

The Nightwalker Tribe

A group of Sky People who were trained by Naginama as savage warriors. They had tribal tattoos along their bodies, wielded crude weaponry such as kukri or oval shields and spears, and had Naginama's thundercloud symbol all adorned on their left cheekbones. They fought for Naginama's entertainment with the winner of the tournament allowed to be excluded from the next event entirely as well as obtaining riches and fame. They are strictly loyal to Naginama and were powerful enough to defeat pirates who had once sailed into the New World. After Toan and Kiso defeated one thousand of their members and defeated Naginama the tribe disbanded and began to expand across the Sky Islands on their own terms coming to realize what they had become.

Periculum Works

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The Taleah Kingdom

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Fishman Island

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Simon Batreaux

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King Neptune

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Jankuro Hidei

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Jeice Masters

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Ramone Tekkain

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A powerful Skypeian who showed no mercy to friend or foe. He was the leader of the Nightwalker Tribe and owned a huge coliseum in which he had the citizens of his sky fight for his amusement, riches, and for fame. Not only capturing those who would dare trek onto his land but Naginama himself would also enter the coliseum himself at times and participate to remind those who witnessed of his awesome powers. He ate the Goro Goro no Mi and had control over the heavens themselves in the form of electricity. He remained undefeated for twenty years until he was finally defeated by Toan Atlamilla and arrested by Cross Bizen ending his rule over Skypeia.

He returned during The New World Arc and attacked the Lion Pirates, Scalemail Marines, and Hollow Pirates in an attempt for revenge against Cross and Toan. After an attack that seemingly killed Toan, he was defeated by Silvia Holmes who dealt a fatal blow to the madman who restarted his heart only to be drowned by the abilities of Cross' Mizu Mizu no Mi and flung into the ocean. His body's current whereabouts are unknown.

Osmond Asmodeus

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Haruto Riku

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Hinata Sora

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Marco Giulia

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Davide Elisa

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Sophia Emma

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John Lincoln

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Emily Madelyn

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Isaiah Masters

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Isane Jacobs

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Scarlett Matthews

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Cameron Mackenzie

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Sebastian Addison

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The Dark King

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Alcatraz D. Jensen

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Kennith Gray

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Melvin Tsukuso

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Cross Bizen

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Hunter Almar

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Otto Labrouge

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Johnny Radson

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Vincent Pinkerton

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Kazejin Gates

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Suijin Gates

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Edward Gray

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Taiyou Faux

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Bigoku Shudo

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Roger Sakaki

The leader and secret agent of the Marine funded Cipher Pol Agency. He belonged to Cipher Pol 2 leading the unit with an iron grip and fierce determination. He was ruthless enough to kidnap a young woman and use her as leverage to make the local townspeople fear him even more. With the combined efforts of Toan Atlamillia and Kiso Agrin, Roger was eventually defeated and his schemes put to an end. He ate the Jemu Jemu no Mi which gave him diamond skin upon reaction and calling making him a very durable opponent with the ability to further enhance his attacks using his Devil Fruit's powers. He has since been demoted to Corporal after his defeat and Kikua Juno has taken control of Cipher Pol 2 with a new unnamed subordinate.

Kikua Juno

The successor and secret agent of the Marine funded Cipher Pol Agency. She inherited the right to control the unit after Roger failed his duties and was defeated by a pirate. While under Roger's orders she helped kidnap Courtney Agrin in order to gain an advantage of the the people of Tafield. She followed Roger's orders perfectly and even put up a great fight against Kiso Agrin before she was defeated in combat by him. Though she did not have a Devil Fruit she was an excellent hand-to-hand martial artist able to disarm Kiso and Toan simultaneously during their first encounter and soundly defeat them. After Roger's defeat Kikua was named Chief in Staff of Cipher Pol 2 and was given an unnamed subordinate as Roger's replacement.


Arthur Menthal

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Davey Jones

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Bartholomew Q. Louvre

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Former Shichibukai

Charlotte D. Jones

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Ghengis Oboro

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Madara Tsuchinoko

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Tengu D. Cesar

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Sir Reginald Marx

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Abilities & Powers

Toan is an incredibly skilled martial artist, sniper, and swordsman. Toan developed the Raiosen Style during his training with his father and designed the attacks based on a lion's actions or attacks. He also developed Rokushiki into a new sub category known as Rokushikirakan meaning "Genius of the Six Powers" where he combines certain Rokushiki Techniques together to enhance their properties and take advantage of the battlefield in that way. He is also capable of using Life Return to maintain his body's bodily functions. Toan also developed Saber Fang Style using his saber he purchased in his youth with the techniques based on the phases of the moon or minerals with his weaker attacks being based on the new moon and lead. Due to these abilities Toan rarely needs to use his guns but thanks to the help of Vikki Oates he eventually upgraded his firearms. All of Toan's attack names were written down as well as how to perform them inside of his journal.


Raiosen is a fighting style used by Toan Atlamillia. Raiosen Style focuses on holding one's fingers in a claw-fashion similar to that of a lion's paw and uses focused strikes to quickly dispatch the opponent or quick movements for slashing the opponent. He can imbue his "claws" with Busoshoku Haki increasing their deadliness and power output to extreme levels having put a large pressurized hole in a Marine Battleship with a single strike.


  • Lion Claw: Toan’s signature attack. By using his "claw" on his left or right hand he aims for his opponent's midsection and hits the opponent with a powerful force. The strike is similar to a palm thrust but the opponent is struck with such intensity that the attack can sometimes pass straight through weaker opponents ravaging their insides. This attack is normally used to stun the opponent for a few moments or as a finishing blow.
  • Twin Lion Claw: Toan places the heels of his "claws" together and aims for his opponent's midsection and hits the opponent with an immense force. This technique was developed to counter heavily defensive opponents as the attack will bypass most defenses and even send the victim flying if struck hard enough. This attack can also be used to set up a chain of other attacks due to the sheer pushing force of the attack normally stunning the opponent for a few moments. Toan has often used this attack to gain distance between the opponent and himself.
  • Twisting Lion Claw: A variation of Lion Claw that puts a twisting motion on the attack upon connecting with the opponent's midsection designed to begin spinning the opponent with an upwards or forward force. If pushed upwards Toan will leap upwards and use an aerial version of Twin Lion Claw where he simply uses both of his "claws" striking into the opponent's back or midsection to launch his opponent swiftly into the ground with a harsh downwards force.
  • Lion Darts: Toan rushes his opponent with quick strikes similar to the Lion Claw technique in rapid succession comparable to the Gomu Gomu no Mi Gattling technique before finishing with a powerful palm thrust to the center of his opponent's body by using both of his "claws".
  • Hunting Ground: Toan uses his advanced speed to gather a crowd of his opponents to surround him or a singular enemy into a more open environment to prepare for other techniques.
    • Lion Mark: After Toan performs Hunting Ground he jumps forward and slams his "claw" into the first victim sending out a shock wave to scatter the crowd. This technique is mainly used as a deterrent to rapidly increasing forces and scatters them quickly without doing much harm except to the initial 'marked' victim.
    • Lion Pounce: After Toan performs Hunting Ground he cross his arms in an 'x' shape before rushing into the crowd or enemy and slashes outwards cutting his victim(s) and disperses the crowd if any sending them in multiple directions. This attack can also be performed as a surprise attack if Toan catches the enemy off guard.
    • Wild Lion: After Toan performs Hunting Ground he raises his arms back and over his head before leaping forward and launching his victim(s) back using a powerful cutting motion with his "claws". This attack horribly injures those caught by the immediate cutting force and simply uses the force of the bodies hit to launch the rest of the crowd. This attack is mainly used to handle single combat rather than groups due to its slower nature to Lion Pounce. This technique can also be used to break melee weapons due to its sheer cutting force.
  • Drunken Lion: Toan can enter a state of forced drunkenness using Life Return and dodge attacks without thinking in a manner similar to the Drunken Fist Style of fighting while incorporating his own attacks. In this state, Toan will attack using his full force regardless of the condition of his opponent and will only regain control once he exits this state out of his own volition or by being hit hard enough he mentally snaps out of the conditioning.
  • Strongest Lion Claw: This technique is an enhanced version of his signature "Lion Claw" attack imbued with Busoshoku Haki. Toan imbues his arms and "claws" with Haki before rushing the opponent and striking their midsection utilizing all of his strength to completely obliterate his opponent. The attack is strong enough to effect multiple people in a small arc in front of Toan as well as pass straight through people due to the sheer amount of force put into the attack normally sending anyone struck with this attack flying.


Toan was taught by his father how to use all six techniques of Rokushiki and was told to master them from their basic techniques which Toan took to heart as he does most things. Using his time wisely he mastered all six forms of Rokushiki and developed several techniques for each of them based on their attributes and nature giving him an advantage in combat even before he knew how to fully use his Haki. As a superhuman fighting style these techniques are incredibly dangerous to use on weaker foes which in turn makes these techniques used as a last resort for Toan in a fight. Toan also classifies Life Return with this category found in his journal. Listed below are variations of the techniques he learned or developed himself.


  • Empowered Arm: Toan warps towards his opponent using Geppo before delivering a harshly powerful arm tackle to the midsection or punch to the head boosted with the inertia of the distance traveled and normally sends the victim spiraling away. Toan can also use this technique standing still and punching the ground causing a small quake around him to stagger his opponent(s).
  • Empowered Leg: Toan warps towards his opponent using Geppo before delivering a harshly powerful kick to their midsection or head boosted with the inertia of the distance traveled. He can also quickly descend from the air to deliver a falling kick strong enough to cause a small shock wave hitting multiple enemies at once.
  • Empowered Wave: Toan warps forward and then stops the force of his momentum by suddenly changing direction using Geppo again to cause a balanced wall of inertia to meet and crush whatever is beyond it or caught between it. This technique was seen strong enough to destroy a steel wall and damage Marines found on the other side.
  • Sky Walk: Toan uses this ability to jump off of the air in short bursts unlike the sudden warping of Geppo to gain quick distance vertically by kicking upwards. He can also direct this force downwards to deliver powerful sudden kicks that effect a wide area or rush past others in the air while fighting to perform high-speed combat.
  • Blue Walk: An underwater version of 'Sky Walk'. Toan can use this ability to travel just as fast or fster than a Fishman as shown when he beat Drake Laking and Mako Kaerius in a race underwater after they met up after the three year time-skip.


  • Deutzia: This form of Tekkai is used entirely as a counter instead, where the purpose is not to absorb damage from the attack, but to transfer the shock of the attack back to the attacker, which can lead to broken bones in a normal human body.
  • Strength: An incredibly powerful form of Tekkai that can withstand virtually any attack. It further tenses the muscles of the user beyond the point of simply steeling them and makes them an unmovable force. While not invincible in this state, it does protect the user from most attacks.
  • Wheel: Toan spins his body rapidly when surrounded by enemies then utilizes Tekkai with his arms acting as steel rods badly bruising and damaging all who are around him until he stops spinning.
  • Tekkai Kenpo: A martial arts style utilized by advanced practitioners of Tekkai. This allows users to move and make incredibly powerful attacks while utilizing Tekkai to harden their bodies. This also has various techniques of its own.
    • Tekkai Kenpo - "Strong Arm": After hardening his hands with Tekkai, Toan delivers an extremely powerful reinforced arm tackle to his target launching them away.
    • Tekkai Kenpo - "Preying Ground": After hardening his body with Tekkai, Toan performs Hunting Ground but on a much larger scale followed by an enhanced version of Lion Pounce now enhanced with Tekkai.
    • Tekkai Kenpo - "Lion Mauling": After performing Tekkai Kenpo - Preying Grounds, Toan crosses his arms and rushes forward destroying everything in his path from weapons to humans caught in this attack.


  • Lion Shotgun: Toan strikes his opponent with his "claws" in the chest overhanded before rapidly using an underhanded jab to the solar plexus to launch them away. This technique utilizes Shigan within his "claws" to hit them a total of ten times in a brief attack similar to the spread of a shotgun.
  • Flying Plectrum: A projectile version of Shigan that fires sharp compressed air bullets from the fingers, similar to Rankyaku, but instead of jabbing this technique is performed by flicking the air. This technique can be rapidly executed by advanced practitioners.
  • Fire Plectrum Explosion: Same as Flying Plectrum, except that the projectile is a fireball, created through friction, that burns the victim upon impact. Toan holds back the majority of his finger before launching it forward creating a massive amount of friction before launching the shot forward. This results in a piercing fireball that simultaneously explodes badly burning the victim while the compressed air pierces their body.


  • Lion Dance: Toan rushes his opponent and quickly flips sending out two sets of four smaller forms of Rankyaku in the shape of claws maximizing the area of effect while minimizing space between them to cut through defenses and opponents.
  • Vicious Lion: Toan creates a large Rankyaku in the shape of a Lion, but instead of using his legs, he uses his "claws" with a harsh pushing motion. This Rankyaku has a much wider range, greater attack power, and is capable of cleaving steel using its outwardly stretched claws - something not witnessed from other variations. Upon striking something not cut by the claws however this version of Rankyaku seems to explode like compressed air unlike other versions of itself.
  • Shattered Tower: Toan quickly back flips upwards to block an oncoming attack while launching Rankyaku in a straight line upwards before smashing it with another blast of Rankyaku sending down air blades against the attacker.
  • Hazy Shuriken: Toan fires Rankyaku blades in the shape of shuriken that follows the opponent or until it hits a solid surface and loses enough inertia to disperse.
  • Great Rotating Cut: Toan spins around quickly in a circle while balancing on one leg similar to Diable Jambe and then performs Rankyaku with both of his legs while jumping to create a circle shaped Rankyaku which radiates outward. The circumference of this attack is half of Toan's size upon release and has a huge cutting force seen to go on for a few meters before dispersing.


  • Lion Grapple: Toan rushes forward using Soru and grapples his opponent to the ground to halt their progress and pin them down. In doing so he also quickly removes weapons from their hands by slamming their wrists down against the ground away from their body.


  • Silent Lion: Based on his epithet this allows Toan's body to become completely silent in all of its functions allowing him to move around without any noise coming from his person or his clothing. It also allows Toan to float slightly as he can be seen slowly floating down from the ground after jumping.

Life Return

  • Recovery: Toan allows his bodily functions to run at either a higher pace or slower pace in order to cure certain effects on his body and allow him to bypass most illusions and take back control of his body should it be controlled by an outside force. This prevents Toan from being controlled against his will and helps him stay alive by controlling the flow of blood in his body should he be injured.


Rokushikirakan is a highly experimental superhuman martial art created by Toan Atlamillia by combining two forms of Rokushiki perfectly and execute attacks based on the abilities combined. So far only three variations have been made known as: "Geppo-Kami-e", "Shirankyakugan", and "Soru-Tekkai" combining the name of the two forms present. Due to their incredibly dangerous nature and destructive effects to the body, Toan refrains from using these techniques unless they are required. This technique was translated as "Genius of the Six Powers".


A rephrasing for "Moon Step of Paper Doll" this form of Rokushikirakan focuses on having extreme movements given by Geppo coupled with the countermeasures given by Kami-e.

  • Paper Weight: By using Kami-e with Geppo the practitioner prepares for an attack placing their arms in front of their torso in an 'x' shape moments before the attack connects and have the attack hit the center or close to the shape made. The body is made lightweight everywhere but the location of the 'x' shape made by the arms where the impact takes place and instead is given a bouncing nature to reflect all forms of blunt damage back against the attacker while Geppo is used to minimize damage through warping the practitioner backwards after being hit. Toan managed to survive a highly powered Reject Dial attack using this technique but suffered two broken ribs while the attacker died emphasizing the defensive power of this technique.


A rephrasing for "Death Storm Leg Gun" this form of Rokushikirakan focuses on harsh attacks that both cut, pierce, and in extreme cases, eviscerate the victim. Combined with Shigan's piercing ability, Rankyaku techniques are given a loosened state allowing them to be shaped with ease using either the practitioner's arms, legs, or their full body.

  • Bullet Storm Hell: Toan starts off this attack by spinning in place on his hands kicking Shirankyaku bars into the air all around him and his opponent in a swirling pattern before flipping upwards and slamming his feet down causing the blades to explode like cluster bombs and launch themselves towards the opponent. Anyone caught in the typhoon prior will be cut to shreds like normal Rankyaku and after the cluster explodes the newborn "bullets" track their target and strike one after another either piercing or cutting through the victim. This attack has been shown to create an avoidable pattern as Toan can evade his attack even from being in the center of its creation next to a victim that was less than three feet from him.
  • Refraction Cannon Storm: Toan leaps into the air and imbues his legs with Haki before kicking the air extremely hard to create a ring made of Rankyaku. The ring may look hollow but is actually a condensed air pocket that blasts enemies with dozens of compressed air bullets while cutting them from the spinning shot fired off initially. The name "Refract" was given to this attack by Toan due to the compressed air within the circle is completely invisible like normal air when it should have a white hue to it similar to "Flying Plectrum".
  • Cherry Blossom Storm: Toan imbues his legs with Rankyaku and begins rapidly kicking with one or both of his legs at an enemy. A quick and sharp blade of Rankyaku with a yellow tip with quickly pierce the enemy then retract at the exact moment another hits the opponent essentially giving Toan two hits per kick. This is a rapid fire version of "Rankyaku Line" where a single blade of Rankyaku is shot out in a line but these compressed air waves have the ability to pierce whatever is in their way with doubled attacks due to the speed and kicking force and style. Toan first performed this attack on zombies that were attacking his crew to quickly cut a vast majority of them apart so they could not be brought back. He was also seen using this move with his arms against Yonko Sir Reginald Marx to little effect on the man due to his unbreakable skin resulting in Toan injuring his arms.
  • Crashing Storm: Toan enhances his fingers with Shigan then holds his arms out a distance from one another before quickly drawing them in and holding the compressed air at his side. He then launches the compressed air outwards in a cylindrical fashion equivalent in power and density to the amount of air gathered. This technique can be as small as an average concrete pipe to the size of an average man's body. Toan can also compress the air using extremely small amounts of Geppo on his hands alone manipulating the air inside that is already compressed into accepting more compression. The strongest version of this attack was used in an attempt to defeat The Dark King though the latter was able to redirect this attack using his Haki imbued fist albeit with serious damage done to that arm.


A rephrasing for "Shaved-Iron Mass" is a Rokushikirakan technique focusing around manipulating the properties of Tekkai allowing the user to combat in ways based on weight.

  • Anti-Gravity: The practitioner activates this technique by rapidly using Soru during the activation of Tekkai releasing a circular wave of pressure forcing anyone caught by its blast into the air while feeling heavy. The victims cannot move as if they are under the usage of Tekkai while Toan can now move in seemingly low gravity to attack the victims as he sees fit. The effects wear off after ten seconds. Any victim still in the air once the time limit runs out simply plummets to the ground but until then is as easily movable as an inanimate object.
  • Juggernaut: Toan activates Soru at the same time as his Tekkai once again allowing him to rapidly charge forward with an unstoppable body and break through otherwise seemingly impossible barriers such as those created by the Bari-Bari no Mi. Toan can also limit this attack to sections of his body allowing him to perform sub techniques of this ability. This technique can backfire as Toan cannot move his body or body parts he imbues with this technique after picking a direction until the momentum and inertia have ceased.
    • Juggernaut: Lariat: Toan rapidly spins his imbued arm using his free arm before using an overhead hammer fist to strike his opponent with deadly force.
    • Juggernaut: Crash: Toan hardens his legs while in the air and performs a powerful heel drop onto his opponent normally launching them straight down or at an angle.
    • Juggernaut: Tackle: Toan charges at the enemy with his full body in this state normally flattening them as he passes over them or simply crushes them against a wall due to his lack of flexibility.

Saber Fang Style

A style of swordsmanship developed during his training with his father and has furthered with his adventures at sea. The style is meant to use a saber wielding it reversed so that the blade looks like the fang of a saber tooth tiger or the tooth of an elongated fang of a lion. These techniques are normally meant to halt the opponent in their tracks or as finishing blows.

  • Lead Fang: Toan rushes his opponent and performs a quick and accurate slash on their midsection of the opponent aiming at their muscles on the inside of his opponent's arms. This attack normally disarms an opponent due to the now injured muscles and can even damage the opponent's lungs if the cut is deep enough.
  • Iron Fang: Toan prepares a counterattack by holding his saber close to him and slashing diagonally in one direction to force the opponent off balance and injure them. This technique also has the capability to disarm his opponent by parrying the weapon from their hands.
  • Diamond Fang: Toan imbues his blade with Busoshoku Haki and uses a diagonal cut in close range to break through a defensive shield or barrier with ease having put all of his strength into the attack. Once the attack is executed it is followed up normally with a backhanded stab towards the midsection in the lower left hand side. As of now, no known shield has been able to stand up to this attack with even the likes of the Bari Bari no Mi's powers being worthless when struck with this attack.
  • Drill Fang: Toan holds his blade out and begins spinning it at an extreme speed turning his whole left or right arm into a drill and launching the force against his opponent. This attack allows Toan to drill through solid stone, and when imbued with Haki, steel as well. This attack also pushes the opponent back sending them away in a spiral motion.
  • Cross Fang: Toan prepares his saber and marks his opponent with an X skillfully hitting the muscles on the victim's front hindering movement as well as moving quickly enough to make the same mark on their back. This attack is strictly used as a deterrent to disable the opponent temporarily by striking muscles that are required for advanced movement.
  • King’s Fang: Toan puts all of his strength into one slash which is strong enough to cut through steel. This attack is used diagonally, horizontally, and vertically depending on the situation and was seen strong enough to cut down thick steel doors. The attack does however leave Toan winded after execution.
  • Queen's Fang: He charges all of the energy he can and uses all of his muscle to strike his opponent with a slash that is seemingly instantaneous in execution cutting through everything in its path for an undetermined length. The attack has his sword imbued with Busoshoku Haki and absolutely destroys everything in its path leaving little to be salvaged. Similar to King's Fang" this attack has been seen able to cut through everything in its path easily cleaving the Cipher-Pol 2 building in half and then damage some nearby ships.
  • Crescent Fang: Toan spins his sword and slashes at the same time to launch multiple crescent shaped slashes at his opponent which come in all variable directions depending on the swinging motions. This attack can cut through solid stone and damage steel up to fifty feet.
  • Half Moon Fang: A weaker form of one of Toan's strongest attacks. He spins with his blade in the shape of a semi-circle and then rushes forward with a vibrant horizontal slash effecting one side of his opponent with with slashes and leaving the other side completely unharmed. This technique has devastating effects on people who are not ambidextrous leaving their dominant side almost paralyzed after execution.
  • Waning/Waxing Fang: Varying upon location whether Toan is on the ground attacking upwards or vice versa, Toan imbues his blade with Busoshoku Haki and spins his whole body at the opponent in a drill-like fashion cutting through most objects and defenses while also using pressurized air slashes in small amounts on the outsides of his formation to cut through objects around him that would slow his ascent/descent.
  • Full Moon Fang: Toan's strongest saber attack. Toan spins with his blade in a full circle before leaping towards his opponent while spinning. This attack inflicts cuts across the entirety of the victim's body striking mostly joints and avoids the head and neck. It is incredibly powerful and normally used as a finishing blow able to defeat even the largest of foes if they leave their guard too open.

History [Requires Update]

Toan Atlamillia was a born mute to a father and mother who lived in the city of Mandun. Fearing their child’s safety during the Age they were living in, they sheltered him and forbid him to leave the house unless his parents were with him. When Toan turned ten, his father began teaching him carpentry and Toan studied this skill for the next eight years of his life. When Toan was eighteen he was invited to the main part of Mandun with his parents to witness The Marines who were in town performing an execution of a notorious villain. Toan had no idea what The Marines were doing and watching them kill someone for reasons unknown to him has given him a small hatred for Marines even though his father is an ex-Commodore.

A month later, Toan went into town and was asked by a crew of sailors if he could help rebuild the hull of their ship. Though Mute, Toan communicated that he would help and spent the next two months helping the crew who paid him for his efforts. Toan got to know a female on the crew closely with the two falling in love with one another after only a few days. During the last night the crew was there, Toan and his family were invited to a feast but Toan spent the entire night listening to the female he had gotten to know and wrote replies in his notebook to her to speak with her. When dawn broke, Toan was kissed by the female and she vowed they would meet again someday no matter how long.

Against his wife’s wishes, Johnathon began teaching Toan how to wield weaponry and fight to fend for himself. Toan developed a fighting style called “Raiosen” or Lion Fighting Style during the first few days using open palm strikes with curled fingers imitating a lion’s claws. Toan was taught to use several weapons his father had previous owned: A revolver, a single handed flintlock rifle, a shotgun, and even a small lightweight cannon. After judging that Toan was a marksman in using all of these weapons he decided to teach Toan how to use a Saber. After six long months of arduous training, Toan had mastered using Raiosen, a saber, and all of his father’s old weapons which were renewed and given to him as a birthday present for his nineteenth birthday.

Shortly after, seeing how quick Toan was at learning techniques, he decided to teach Toan about Rokushiki and its six techniques. For four long months Toan tried learning as much as he could about these techniques through sparring matches with his father, eventually mastering all of them and even incorporating his own techniques into them. Toan was then offered to be trained by his mother who finally decided it was alright for Toan to learn how to defend for himself. Toan’s mother was a Haki user who began teaching her son Kenbunshoku Haki (Color of Observation) and Busoshoku Haki (Color of Arms) which at first Toan didn’t understand at all. A month before his twentieth birthday, Toan had mastered both forms of Haki and decided it was time to set sail and see the world in hopes of becoming a strong person.

Toan designed his own boat and began setting sail on the sea. Upon disembarking on his first island he witnessed a man render an entire Marine Fleet unconscious with a strange skill. The man was none other than his grandfather whom he had only met as a child: William D. Atlamillia. The man was the Captain of the Raftel Pirates and aimed to become King of the World by entering Hastow Keep. Toan excitedly wished for the same thing, a chance to become the strongest man in the world, The King of the World!

Cipher Pol-2 Arc

Toan landed on the shores of Tafield, a small town that was protected by the World Government and Cipher Pol-2. Toan visited the town mainly for supplies and ran into his grandfather who was leading his small crew of six through the city on a visitation trip before they began to head towards the Sapphire Sea and head for Hastow Keep. Toan travelled with his grandfather through the city for a short time until his grandfather demonstrated his control over his Haki and left one young Marine standing after they were attacked prompting him to assume Toan was a pirate as well. During the next day of Toan's stay one of the CP agents kidnapped one of the children of the town claiming she was withholding information from her father. Toan was informed on the situation and quickly set off to rescue her hearing that they might actually throw her into the ocean after they got what they wanted.

Toan was accompanied by the brother of the kidnapped young girl named Kiso "Styles" Agrin. Toan and Kiso infiltrated Ciper Pol-2's Tower of Justice and searched all over for the girl eventually coming face to face with the two members keeping the girl hostage in the center of the tower. Toan's quiet fury drove the head of CP-2 to reveal his Paramecia powers and fight back holding off Toan and Kiso while the second CP-2 Agent watched over the girl. After some time had passed and it looked like the duo might lose, Toan's grandfather stepped in and finished the fight with one punch shattering the diamond hard armor and rendering Roger half conscious in the process. Due to this incursion and taking back a hostage of The World Government, Toan was branded as a Pirate with the bounty of 101 Million Berry.

Toan was about to leave Tafield when he was given a news article about the Coliseum Pirates appearing somewhere near Skypeia in the Tenebrous Sea. Excited, Toan quickly made haste to sail out knowing that his love interest was part of those pirates. Toan is now sailing towards the Tenebrous Sea looking for a way to enter Skypeia and see if he can catch up with those pirates before they sail off. Shortly after he had set sail Kiso Agrin followed suit with the help of his sister in search of Toan to not only thank him but planned on joining Toan on his adventures.

Coliseum of Gods

After taking a natural water spout to Sypeia Toan found himself among a huge civilization he didn't even know existed. It took him a few hours of searching before anyone would even tell Toan where the Coliseum Pirates had gone explaining to him that they were sentenced to death at Naginama's hands. After being lead to the location that would take him to meet Naginama he was greeted by Kiso who agreed to join Toan as one of his crew mates. The two of them traveled to the island that housed Naginama's coliseum and there they infiltrated it and watched a few fights before they saw her: Silvia Holmes.

Silvia Holmes was the one Toan had come looking for and with the help of Kiso they managed to find the cells where they kept the fighters. Upon reuniting with Silvia, the two shared a touching moment before Kiso and Toan had to fend for themselves against the Nightwalker Tribe who had discovered them. After being captured the three were sentenced to one final fight against the entirety of the Nightwalker Tribe. Silvia demonstrated her powers for the first time which shocked even Naginama as she retrieved their weapons from Naginama's stands giving the two the edge they needed to begin fighting at their full capacity. It took hours but after many of the members of the island were defeated Naginama himself stepped in to finish the fight against a weathered Kiso and Silvia.

Eventually only Toan stood able to fight back against Naginama who held a severe advantage with his electrical powers. The arduous battle ended when Toan launched Naginama into a collapsing cavern that rendered him unconscious leaving Toan drained. Just before the new group left they were intercepted by Vice Admiral Cross Bizen who attempted to arrest them all and destroyed their ships. Toan on a guess took his new friends and dove off of the cloud island to a shadowy land below. Cross eventually arrested Naginama and took him in while threatening to pursue Toan if he is still alive.

Black Kingdom

Mysterious Runaway

A Forgotten World

The Dark Seas

A Marine's Oath

The New World

The New World Pt.2

Marineford's Shadow

Sins of the Grandfather

Hastow Keep

The Dark King (Finale)