Steam Isle

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Capital Unknown
Government Guild-based
Ruler Guildmasters/The people
Location Grand Line
Terrain Rocky, barren terrain divided by rivers. The majority of the island is covered with industrial buildings, residences, and workshops.
Season Fairly warm year round with the occasional rainstorm. The area is also known for occasional volcanic activity.

Steam Isle is a fairly large, industrialized island which lays just outside of the Sabaody Archipelago near the Red Line. It is also a mecca for inventors, mechanics, and other sorts of craftsmen, as well as one of the world's central locations for the research of steam-based technology.


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Being a fairly industrialized nation, most of the residents of Steam Isle live in large apartment like complexes constructed primarily out of either stone or steel. Various factories and workshops line the island, and as such a somewhat thick cloud of smoke and steam hangs over the island. Air pollution and smog is a lingering concern for many of the residents of island due to the heavy industrial work constantly taking place there.


As one might expect, the culture of Steam Isle revolves largely around development, research, and use of stream-technology. The central city of the town is dotted with several workshops devoted to a variety of different trades including but not limited too steel-working, forging weapons, and shipbuilding amongst other things. A gathering place for mechanics and inventors, many strange, innovative devices are being created by the various guilds and organizations that dot the isle, the most notorious of which being the Steamcats Guild led by Kei Aladrac.


While many of the guild and organizations located on Steam Isle cooperate and do business with the World Government, just as many are friendly towards outlaws and pirates as well. As a guild-based island, Steam Isle lacks any true ruler. Most troublemakers are swiftly taken care of by the mechanics and inventors who dwell on the island.


As mentioned above, Steam Isle is a mecca for inventors and craftsmen of all types. As a fairly barren island, most of their food resources are imported from nearby isles in the Saboady Archipelago in exchange for metal ore, steel, weapons, and other devices crafted by the guilds which exist on the island.

Notable Locations Edit

Notable LocalsEdit


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