Samuel Groto

Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate May 8th
Height 6' 5"
Weight 138 pounds
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Crew Amnesia Pirates
Position Captain
Family None

Samuel Groto Is the Captain of the Amnesia pirates. He woke up on an unknown island with no memory of his past or how he got on the island. He is extremly laid back, and has a short attention span.


Samuel woke up one day on an unknown island somewhere in the North Blue. After wondering around the island, He decided to go swimming. When he dove into the water, he almost drowned, but because of being tall, he was able, with much effort, walk back to the beach he was on. Samuel then recalled one of his few memories, that people with Devil Fruit abilities can't swim. Wanting to Know what powers he had, he began a rigourous training proceders. After training for a week, Samuel was finally able to use his devil fruit powers. Wanting to know more about the world, Samuel made a small, yet suprisingly durable raft and began his life as a pirate. After drifting in his raft for three days, he bumped into a marine ship. For some unknown reason, the ship was completly deserted. Sensing an oppertunity, Samuel decided it would be easier to sail in one of the marines rafts, which have one small sail on them. After looting the library onboard, samuel took off to look for a suitible ship.

Personality Coming soon


Samuel is extremly tall and thin, with long, jet black hair and blue eyes. He usally has several books on his person at one time, which he enjoys reading. He always wheres a large, tan jacket that he had on him when he awoke. He also has many pairs of sunglasses that he constantly wheres, as he has unusually sensitive eyes. Samuel looks heavier then he is due to the fact that he keeps several maps and books on his person at all times.


Devil Fruit

Samuel ate the Gomi Gomi no mi, which makes him a dirt man. He can turn into dirt and tunnel under ground. Because dirt is solid, he cannot let blows passthrough him, but the dirt absorbs the blow, like many Logia fruits. Samuel can also clean the area around him by absorbing all the dirt in that area, which he does often.Because he has no memory, he has no idea how he got his powers or when.