Rose Island

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Capital Rose Town
Government Marines
Ruler Captain Westfall
Location East Blue
Terrain An island covered with roses of all kinds. Farm grounds are located in specific areas, as well as a small town in the east. On the western most side of the island, there is a Marine Base called the 24th Division.
Season Summer for four months, Spring for six months, Fall for two months.

Rose Island is an island in the East Blue currently under the control of the Marines.


At one time, Rose Island was a peaceful place under the control of a peaceful mayor. It was a popular landing spot for East Blue Pirates, benevolent usually, and a place where maps were shipped. Twenty years ago, after the crowning of the second Pirate King, the Marines took control of the island and made their base, the 24th Division in the west. Shortly after construction, Pirates stopped coming to the island, thus completely destroying the economy of the island. However, the people never gave up. They sold their goods to each other, as well as the marines, and re-boosted their economy. Shortly after the death of the second Pirate King five years ago, Captain Westfall was assigned to the Marine Base, and since then, the citizens have had to pay a tax of 9,000 beli, while guests had to pay a visitors tax of 18,000 beli.

Shortly after the arrival of Chris, Zugai, and Gonzo, Westfall lost his position and it is under the control of a peaceful commander once again.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • 24th Division: A marine base located in the West of the island. Formerly under the control of Captain Westfall.
  • Rose Town: A small town in the east of Rose Island. It is surrounded by specifically placed farm land.


  • Captain Westfall
  • Ensign Quint


  • Rose Island is the second location visited by Chris and her crew.
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