These are the general rules that roleplays follow. However, the gamemaster (the one who made the roleplay) can set up special rules for that individual roleplay.

  • You must show the gamemaster the article of the character you wish to play as so that he or she can check it and make sure it is okay.
  • While characters cannot be super powerful right off the bat, there is no rule against characters not growing in power slowly over the course of the RP.
  • In-character roleplay posts that begin a scene must be given a title with two equal signs on either side. Responses are to be given three equal signs.
  • Posts are to be written in narrative format, in the past tense.
  • When fighting with another player character, you cannot state that an attack hit. That is called "Auto-hitting" and is against the rules of standard roleplaying. You can only initiate an attack in a post. It is up to the opponent to decide whether it hits or not. For example:
    • Ace brought his arm back and shot a fireball at Luffy.
    • Next it can go either two directions depending on the opponent's decision.
      • Luffy tried to jump out of the way, but was caught in the fireball. He quickly dropped to the ground and rolled to put out the fire.
      • OR: Luffy ducked low to the ground to avoid the fireball. It narrowly went over his head, but singed a few of his hairs.
    • As you can see, this makes fighting fair. However, there is the problem of people dodging every single attack. This is not allowed. Characters must take a hit every once in a while, even if it is a scratch. If the gamemaster notices that a character is dodging every single attack, he or she has every right and full authority point it out. They can also point out when a character should have run out of energy, fallen from accumulated injuries, or reached their limit, but they will likely only exercise this during player character vs. player character battles.
  • Original characters with relationships to canon characters, such an original character marrying a canon characters, must be checked with the gamemaster first. But I would advise against it.
  • Any additions to canon, such as an original member of the Straw Hat crew, must be checked with the gamemaster first.
  • No other villains may appear besides the main villains of the roleplay and any villains that the gamemaster authorizes.
  • Characters are free to do what they please. They do not need to join up with another character unless you wish to.

Rather than copying and pasting these rules for every roleplay, the gamemaster need only say that "standard roleplay rules apply". However, the gamemaster has every right to remove, change, or add rules for the situation of the individual roleplay.