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Author SeeNoEvil121
Date Published 12-30-08
Fiction Rated T (Fanfiction.netRating System)
Language English
Genre Adventure/Suspense
Chapters 58
Status In Progress

Pirates! is a fanfiction written by User:SeeNoEvil121, created December 30, 2008, and is still in progress. It contains not only Original Characters by SeeNoEvil121, but also allows other fan made characters from her readers, submitted through reviews. It is posted on under the category One Piece.

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Plot Edit

Twenty years have passed since Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew found the grand treasure One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy was known throughout the world as King of the Pirates. Roronoa Zoro defeated the Legendary Hawk-Eyes Mihawk and became the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Nami mapped the entire world, Grand Line and all, and Sanji found the All Blue he’d been searching for.

Now, Monkey D. Luffy has been executed, leaving the location of his fantastic fortune a mystery. However, his death did not end the Great Age of Pirates. Enthusiastic young men and women, adults, elderly citizens, travel the oceans once again, searching for the most amazing treasure in the world.

One Piece.

- from Pirates! Prologue

Our story follows the adventure of Chris Hopkins and her crew, the Crescent Dagger Pirates, in their quest through the Grand Line to accomplish their dreams, five years after the second Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy's execution.

Locations Edit

East Blue Edit

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East Blue Saga Edit

Prologue Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Prologue: Setting Sail on the Road to Fortune The adventure begins! Chris Hopkins, after a final goodbye to her best friend and his little brother, sets off from her small home of Fuschia Town to become a pirate and find the legendary treasure, One Piece.

Kiri Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
2 Travel to Kiri Island Part 1: The Boy With the Ivory Axe Five days after embarking on her journey and starving for two days, Chris finally makes a bumpy landing in her small boat on Kiri Island, a quiet down in the East Blue. It is here that she encounters Zugai Hibiware and three of his friends, Kei, Arrow, and Pistol. After learning that he is a shipwright and blacksmith, and that he has a ship of his own, she becomes determined to recruit him into her crew.
3 Travel to Kiri Island Part 2: Attack of the Gold Lion Pirates! Enter the First! Zugai's Devil Fruit ability is revealed when he shows Chris his unfinished ship. While at the docks, a warning signal is sent out from the town, and hearing it, Zugai rushes back to town. After finding the lookout injured and dying, he goes to search for other injured while Chris makes her way to the bar where the attacking pirates reside. Zugai appears at a crucial moment in the battle and manages to defeat Leo, then, after finally completing his ship, he decides to go with Chris.

Ocean Travel ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
4 Questions, Answers, and... A Cooking Killer Whale? Two days after defeating Gold Lion Leo on Kiri Island, Zugai and Chris set off aboard their new ship, the Howling Ivory, toward their next destination. In the midsts of thinking about his uncertain past, Zugai is interrupted by Chris, and the two engage in a brief conversation about their pasts. Chris' real name, Chrisanthia, is revealed, and as compensation for revealing it, Zugai very briefly explains the origins of a scar he aquired some years before. Chris' past is revealed, and before any other questions could be asked, a strange presense rocks the boat. It is revealed moments later that it is a Killer Whale Fishman, 'Cascade' Gonzo, and to make up for ramming into their ship, he invites himself in and makes them a barbeque lunch.
5 A Delicious Meal: Join the Crew of Dreamers: Enter the Second!' Gonzo makes Chris and Zugai their meal as promised, which thoroughly surprises the two rookie pirates. The two make it through the appetizer, and upon tasting the main course, Chris makes a decision. She asks, or rather, demands, that Gonzo join her crew as the chef. Gonzo denies at first and tells the story of his previous position as a chef aboard the Great White, and after a fight with the captain, a Fishman by the name of Chamu, was kicked out. Chris promises to help him overrule Chamu, and Gonzo joins the crew (though he states it's because his food is appreciated).

Rose Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
6 Welcome to Rose Island: Beware the Tyranny of Marines ! The unnamed pirate crew lands on the beautiful Rose Island. The crew splits off, embarking on their own individual chores, and Chris makes her way to the bar for information about the Marine Base located there, the 24th Division. She brings up the topic of the Grand Line Map, and it is explained that the Marines are holding them all at the base, where Pirates can't get them. Shortly after, a Captain Westfall of the Marines enters the bar, demanding tax. After refusing to pay, Westfall puts a gun to her head, at which point her crew comes in. After attacking the Captain for insulting Gonzo, Chris, Zugai, and Gonzo are arrested. It is revealed at the end that the arrest was their plan all along, in order for them to retrieve the Grand Line Map!
7 Search for the Grand Line Map Part 1: Escape! Having been willingly captured by Marines, Chris tricks the young guard on patrol in order to get his keys, and the three pirates break out of their cells. They engage in battle after battle against the Marines patrolling, and eventually manage to convince one to point the way to Westfall's Office, where the map itself it hidden. With that information, Chris, Zugai, and Gonzo make their way to the top floor of the base, where Captain Westfall's Office resides.
8 Search for the Grand Line Map Part 2: The Loyalty of a Captain The hallways to Westfall's office are suspiciously clear, and the pirates make it to their destination in record time. There, the map is in plain sight, easy to grab and seemingly unguarded. Chris, suspicious of the ease, hesitates while Zugai walks straight up to the desk. As expected, it was a trap, and as Zugai reaches for the map, a Sea Stone Net is shot at him and traps him. Gonzo, rising up to the bait, rushes in to help Zugai, only to be trapped by a falling, solid steel cage with electrocuting bars. Chris narrowly avoids an electrical net shot in her direction. After Westfall threatens Gonzo with a shotgun, Chris fights him, wins, and frees her crewmates, and once they have the Grand Line, they escape the base.

South Blue Saga Edit

Alde Nare Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
9 We're Where?! Travel in the South Blue? Chris, waking from a three day coma due to blood loss, wakes to find that she and her crew are lost at sea. However, Gonzo, after emerging from the ocean with a rare Blue Finned Tuna, explains that the only place in the world these fish live is in the South Blue. In the South Blue, they land on a small island, where Gonzo separates from Chris and Zugai in order to go fishing. Meanwhile, the other two explore the town and find that the three have their first bounties: Zugai's reading 24,000,000, Gonzo's reading 21,000,000, and Chris' reading 30,000,000, and her nickname, Crescent Dagger, is what she decides on her own crew's name. Chris also finds another poster that catches her interest, that of Lily Void the Vicious Mind with an outstanding bounty of 990,000,000 beli. As they start to leave the Bounty Booth, they run into a girl, or at least, they believe it's a girl until he corrects them, by the name of Jae Axia. Jae identifies the island as Alde Nare and invites the pirates to get some food. As they leave, a mysterious pair of twins watches them, holding the bounty posters of Zugai, Gonzo, and Chris in hand.
10 The Twin Bounty Hunters: Enter the Third! While eating in a restaurant by the name of Kui Ware, Jae explains to the lost crew that he is a Navigator. Chris invites him immediately to join the crew, which Jae declines at first due to his 'sister', Yunae. Zugai explains that whether Jae decides to join or not, he's going with them, as they don't take no for an answer, and that he has until sundown to be at the pier or they will go looking for him. Jae, playing along, agrees that he'll see them "whether he wants to or not" before leaving to make his decision. When he is gone, the two twins from before reveal themselves to the pirates, identifying themselves as Hikari and Hikaru, the Twin Bounty Hunters. The four engage in a team battle, and after defeating the Bounty Hunters, Chris and Zugai head back to the ship. At sunset, just as planned, Jae meets them, and the crew, plus their new navigator, sets off. The numbers have increased to four.

Bubble Island ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
11 The Doctors on the Island of Hot Springs The crew has been sailing for two days to a location that their new navigator, Jae Axia, has thus far refused to disclose. It isn't until they spot the island that Jae reveals that the island they are approaching is known as Bubble Island, famous for its Hot Springs. After catching Jae up on the recent occurrences on Rose Island, they reach the island. They decide to go out to eat and while enjoying their meal, they meet a long haired orange cat, which attempts to steal their food, and as Zugai attempts to name it, two others appear, a green haired girl by the name of Aya Vincent and a brown haired girl named Faith Williams. They have a discussion and the crew learns that they are both doctors. Excited at the idea, Chris invites them to join, but they refuse due to the people on the island that need their help. In the midst of the conversation, they hear two passerby's talking about a raid in a pirate ship at the port and learn that it is none other then their own. The crew takes off toward the docks and worried about their safety, Aya and Faith follow.
12 Bubble Island Adventure Part 1: No One Steals from the Crescent Dagger Pirates! Upon arrival at the ship, the pirates find that there ar ein fact bandits pillaging their ship.
13 Bubble Island Adventure Part 2: Breaking into the Mansion SUMMARY COMING SOON!
14 Bubble Island Adventure Part 3: Group K vs. the Garza Mansion Cooks! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
15 Bubble Island Adventure Part 4: The Power of Creation: Group M vs. The Chimera SUMMARY COMING SOON!
16 Toward the Red Line: Enter the Fourth and Fifth! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Blue Lightning Saga Edit

Red Line Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
17 The Golden-Eyed Boy in the Raging Storm: The Red Line in Sight SUMMARY COMING SOON!
18 Of Dreams and Promises: Over Reverse Mountain! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Kidnapping Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
19 Kidnapped! The Test of the Crews Loyalty! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
20 No Questions Asked: Off to Inazuma Island! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
21 Interruptions: Pirate Gonzo vs. Manigordo SUMMARY COMING SOON!
22 Interruptions Part 2: Pirate Faith vs. Lulu SUMMARY COMING SOON!
23 Bounties and Abilities: Who are the Blue Lightning Pirates? SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Rescue Mission Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
24 Inazuma Island Part 1: Let the Tests Begin! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
25 Inazuma Island Part 2: Pirate Faith vs. The Devil's Emissary! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
26 Inazuma Island Part 3: Pirate Gonzo vs. The Razor Fan! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
27 Inazuma Island Part 4: Betrayal SUMMARY COMING SOON!
28 Inazuma Island Part 5: Pirate Zugai vs. Pirate Chris? SUMMARY COMING SOON!
29 Inazuma Island Part 6: Pirate Jae vs. Eagle Eye! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Grand Line Saga Edit

Davy Back Fight Arc Edit

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
30 The Man With the Ice Blue Eyes: Landing on Sparrow Island SUMMARY COMING SOON!
31 I Challenge You: The Game of Three Coins! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
32 Davy Back Fight Part 1: The Teams are Chosen! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
33 Davy Back Fight Part 2: Donut Race SUMMARY COMING SOON!
34 Davy Back Fight Part 3: Dodge-Ball SUMMARY COMING SOON!
35 Davy Back Fight Part 4: Captain's Fight SUMMARY COMING SOON!

G-10 Arc

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
36 Marine Base G-10: Investigation Time! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
37 Marine Base G-10 Part 2: So Far, So Good... Or Not SUMMARY COMING SOON!
38 Marine Base G-10 Part 3: Untitled SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Shadow Hunter Saga

Wine Island Arc Edit

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
39 Wine Island Part 1: The Seekers SUMMARY COMING SOON!
40 Wine Island Part 2: Enter the Illusionist SUMMARY COMING SOON!
41 Wine Island Part 3: Bounties for All! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
42 Wine Island Part 4: Battle Aboard the Howling Ivory: The Power of the Tribe! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
43 Wine Island Part 5: Battles in the Forest SUMMARY COMING SOON!
44 Wine Island Part 6: The Hunters and the Hunted SUMMARY COMING SOON!
45 Wine Island Part 7: Against All Odds! Enter the Eighth! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Un-Named Arc Edit

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
46 What are you Doing Here?! Stowaway on the Howling Ivory! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
47 Travel on the Open Seas SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Quarantine Arc Edit

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
48 The Quarantined Island Zargott: An Incurable Disease!? Meeting Lord Dios SUMMARY COMING SOON!
49 The Quarantined Island Zargott Part 2: The Illness Discovered - A Dangerous Situation! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
50 The Quarantined Island Zargott Part 3: The Three Goddesses! True Intentions of a God! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
51 The Quarantined Island Zargott Part 4: A Mystery is Solved! A Cure is Discovered? SUMMARY COMING SOON!
52 The Quarantined Island Zargott Part 5: The Ideals of a Corrupt God SUMMARY COMING SOON!
53 The Quarantined Island Zargott Part 6: The Cure Put to Action: Zugai and Gonzo vs. Dios and the Butler Zugai and Teriuz are in the kitchen, discussing the fundamentals of Teriuz' Devil Fruit Power and its limitations in order to ensure that he can fix Chris' immune system. During their converstaion, the Butler overhears them and runs to tell Dios. Meanwhile, Gonzo and Blue come back from their search for water and take it down to Faith, who starts right away at purifying it for the Infusion. Blue reveals that he knows about Dios, which surprises Faith, and tells her about their 'secret weapon' just as Aya and Jae return with the Cinchona bark. Luckily for them, bits of it were dry, so the crew was able to begin with the infusion. Gonzo goes upstairs to get some supplies and on the way back, runs into the Butler and Dios, who try to stop them. He gives the supplies to Teriuz as the Butler attacks and ends up fighting him, sending Teriuz downstairs. Zugai intercepts Dios as he tries to stop Teriuz and Gonzo and Zugai fight the two. During the fight, Faith finishes the infusion ad Teriuz boosts Chris' immune system by mimicking Dios' power. The shock of her body suddenly fighting her illness wakes Chris up, making her sick, and Faith makes he drink the infusion. As Chris continues to fight the infection, Zugai and Gonzo are fighting the Butler and Dios. Zugai realized that Dios can't regrow bones, and to make sure that he is unable to hurt anyone with his power again, he removes the bones in his upper arms, as well as in his thigh. Gonzo manages to kill the butler. Faith takes Chris back to the ship as the rest of the crew, dragging Dios behind them for Teriuz, goes to the city to cure the disease.

Yule Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
54 The Island That Never Sleeps Part 1: Enter the Ninth SUMMARY COMING SOON!
55 The Island That Never Sleeps Part 2: Of Gambling and Money Enter the Shadow Assassin! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

The Island That Never Sleeps Part 3: Marines and Hunters!Crescent Dagger Pirates on the Run!

57 The Island That Never Sleeps Part 4: Untitled SUMMARY COMING SOON!
58 The Island that Never Sleeps Part 5: The Crescent Dagger’s in Trouble? Fights Begin! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

The Island that Never Sleeps Part 6: The Justice of the Marines - The Cruelty of an Assassin


The Island That Never Sleeps Part 7: The World isn’t Black and White; Usually

61 Uncertainties and Aggravations: Departing Yule Island SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Nile Island ArcEdit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
62 A Sense of Weakness –

  Floating Toward the Next Island

63 The Mysterious Canine –

  Faith Captured?!

64  In Captivity –

  Introducing a Familiar Face

65  The Crescent Dagger Pirates Regroup! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

The Rescue Begins – Entering the Marine Building!


The Cover Blown?: An Unexpected Development!


Special Combination Attack! Chimera Marines Defeated!


Aya and Jae vs. Echo: The Rescue Completed


Chopper's Departure, A Crewmember's Entrance


On the Sea - New Bounties Arrive


Blue Lightning Pirates Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary

The Tale of the Blue Lightning Pirates 1: A Tale of Two Brothers: Lance and Cedric Wright


The Tale of the Blue Lightning Pirates 2: The Master of the Steel Spider: Nikolai Iman


'The Tale of the Blue Lightning Pirates 3: 'The Orphan: Amaya Dior


The Tale of the Blue Lightning Pirates 4: The Doctor With a Passion for History: Collette Pierce


The Tale of the Blue Lightning Pirates 5: The Hunter of Hunters


Snowy Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary

The Island of Snow Part 1: Frigid Temperatures and Carnivorous Bunnies


The Island of Snow Part 2: The Violet-Eyed Girl In the Small Village


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