Piracy: The New Generation

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Author YolkaEd
Date Published 01-13-09
Fiction Rated T (Fanfiction.netRating System)
Language English
Genre Adventure/General
Chapters 68
Status In Progress

Piracy: The New Generation is a fanfiction written by YolkaEd, created January 13, 2009, and is still in progress. Though YolkaEd creates his own characters (at times even taking characters from the actual One Piece canon), he allows other users to create their own, through reviews. It can be found in the One Piece category on

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Plot Edit

Only five years after finding One Piece and fulfilling his dream, Luffy was brought to the same place Gold Roger had been taken roughly thirty years ago, before being executed, giving away that One Piece was still hidden, paving the way for a new generation of piracy. Eight years afterwards, the torch will be handed to another spirited youth, who seeks the romance of adventure... either that, or a buttload of cash.

Characters Edit

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East Blue Saga Edit

A New Beginning Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Prologue: The Bone-Hard Captain and the Everyday-Man Zugai Hibiware, along with his gay friend Nampu Kiyasui, fend off a pirate attack on their home island of Hobashira, before Zugai finishes his vessel, the Howling Moon, and the two finally sail off on their adventure.

Annai Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
2 Adventure at Annai Island part 1: The Magic Swordsman and the Explosive Archer Left with few supplies on their journey, Zugai and Nampu make a stop at Annai Island for some shopping. Whilst guarding Howling Moon, Zugai is ambushed by KC Boom, but before things can get ugly, Krystal Gem intervenes, stopping KC from doing any harm. Later, after Zugai reveals his skeletal left hand that was exposed during his brief squabble with KC to Krystal, he decides that the two of them are to join his crew.
3 Adventure at Annai Island part 2: The Wicked Knight’s Assault! When KC and Krystal question Nampu about Zugai's hand, Nampu tells of an event that transpired six years ago; Zugai lost his hand to a band of pirates attacking their home village. However, before long, news arrive that The Wicked Knight Kishikiyoi has landed on the island, before thoroughly trouncing KC in combat. Luckily, Zugai reveals his Devil Fruit abilities, before defeating the knight in battle. Inspired by this, KC and Krystal join Zugai's crew.

Ajito Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
4 Bountiful Experiences! The Boy Who Walked the Sea A few days after defeating Kishikiyoi, the four-man crew finds out that they have become wanted from having defeated The Wicked Knight. Zugai, who had been sceptical of the idea of a life of piracy, now accepts that they are labeled as such. Soon afterwards, they find someone running on the water, away from a Sea King usually found by Fuschia. KC soon defeats it, and the water-runner is brought onboard the Howling Moon. He introduces himself as Jinketsu Namura, and in gratitude for being saved, leads the group to an island where they might find a cook.
5 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 1: The “Boy” with the Crescent Dagger' Arriving on Ajito Island, Jin brings Zugai and KC with him to find a cook for the crew, leaving Nampu and Krystal to guard it. Whilst left in solitude, Nampu correctly deduces that she and KC have a thing for each other, but none of them have actually tried entering a relationship with one another. Krystal also finds out that Nampu only joined Zugai's journey because he wanted Zugai's dream to come true. However, they soon find that a boy wearing a black hat is on the run from someone, and after a brief misunderstanding, Nampu knocks out the man, now known as Kemono. The boy introduces himself as Chris, and points out that Kemono was part of an elite force working under the Megtapos Family, a crime syndicate located in East Blue.
6 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 2: The Might of The Elite Four As they tend to their wounds, Chris tells Nampu and Krystal about the Megtapos Family and their activities in East Blue, and guesses that Zugai and KC most probably were captured by the Elite Four, the true name of the elite force. With that, Nampu sends Krystal and Chris into the woods to see wether this is the case or not, but not before (correctly) guessing that Chris actually is female. However, the pair soon comes across the Megatpos Family's fortress, where they encounter another of the Elite Four members; a sniper named Shageki. They also find that Zugai and KC have been shackled up by the base of the fortress, and trying to win their freedom, Krystal challenges Shageki to a duel, which he accepts.
7 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 3: The Honorable Assassin, Shageki Krystal and Shageki's duel continues to escalate, as they fight by firing syringes containing a paralyzing serum at each other, rather than with arrows and bullets. However, after a lengthy battle, it turns out that Shageki isn't all that bad after all, as he quickly properly bandages one of Chris' wounds, despite her attempt at freeing Zugai and KC from their Seastone shackles. Soon, both Krystal and Shageki are struck directly by the syringes, and Shageki hands the keys to the shackles to Krystal, who in turn hands them to Chris, who frees Zugai and KC. However, the two are determined to find Jin, who supposedly was kidnapped by the Elite Four as well.
8 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 4: Facing the Final Guardians Zugai, KC and Chris enter the Megtapos fortress, but they soon find out that they need to split up to get anywhere. However, as it turns out, KC encounters the third of the Elite Four members, who is named Osae Kikai. However, she is more or less a primadonna, and KC decides to just leave her at first, but her persistence forces him into battle with her. Meanwhile, Zugai and Chris find themselves inside of a vault, when they are approached by Jin, who Chris reveals is the last member of the Elite Four.
9 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 5: A Conspiracy Revealed, and the Blade of Mist Having bound Kemono to the mast of Howling Moon, Nampu lazily awaits the arrival of Zugai and the others, when a cloaked person suddenly appears on the ship, only referring to himself as Etels. The stranger leaves the ship and heads into the woods, leaving Nampu perplexed. Meanwhile, it turns out that the reason Kemono was chasing Chris was that she had stolen a map to the Grand Line, which Jin had planned on taking all along, so he could draw a more detailed one. However, they find that the map is a fake, and Jin deduces that Count Megtapos XIV is in possession of the real one, but then they realize that they are locked inside of the vault, as it has a time-lock. As this goes on, KC finally manages to defeat Osae by creating an artificial blade out of mist by combining his powers, and decides to take her outside of the ruined arena.
10 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 6: Separation and Complication Finally tired of holding Kemono prisoner, Nampu frees him, and uses reverse psychology to make Kemono leave the Howling Moon. Meanwhile, KC managed to exit the fortress, and retrieving a recovering Krystal, they leave just as Etels enters the fortress, and when they have left, Shageki and Osae leaves as well. Meanwhile, Jin attempts to use his water-abilities to open the vault door by force, but it only serves to flood the vault. Luckily, someone from the outside opens the vault, but this in turn seperates Jin and Zugai from Chris and the treasure. Inside of the fortress, Zugai finds that he is now in possession of Chris' hat, but he doesn't get time to ponder about that, as he and Jin are now in front of Count Megtapos himself. Outside, a hat-less Chris is approached by Etels, who cryptically tells her that she'd find what she seeks on Shigusa Island.
11 The Terror of the Megtapos Family part 7: An Invisible Threat Jin and Zugai confront Megtapos for the map, and the Count promises that if they can defeat him, he'll surrender the map to them. However, he has no intention of fighting fair, and quickly captures Zugai in a Seastone Magnet, a device that attracts and disables Devil Fruit users whose powers are active, and given Zugai's skeletal hand, his powers are constantly active. However, before the Count can kill Zugai with Honehakaisha, Zugai's labrys, Jin proceeds to fight Megatpos without using his Devil Fruit powers, but Zugai quickly comes back in the game by chopping off his skeletal hand again, letting him escape from the magnet, before he defeats the Count, claiming the map. With that, Jin offers to join Zugai's crew, which Zugai allows without any questions asked. However, as they leave, they fail to see that the Count is murdered by Etels, who is omminously referred to as Steel Scythe by the dying Count.

Alcedonia Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
12 Landing at Alcedonia Island! The Huntress with a Cheating Streak After being accepted into the crew, Jin leads the pirate crew to an island named Alcedonia Island, where he had been once during a mission for the Count. There, Zugai and Nampu find that a group of people are looking for a girl who seemingly cheated during a gambling session. However, Zugai is suddenly caught in a trap, and after being flung into the forest, Nampu goes to look for him, though not before an old woman named Henko offers to help him look for his captain.
13 The Truth of the Family! The Alcedonian Hag Strikes! Finding himself in a cottage in the woods, Zugai is introduced to Shin Mikage, the girl who the men had been looking for earlier. There, Shin relays the true story of the Megtapos Family; rather than a stand-alone family, it is part of a massive criminal syndicate with factions all across the globe. There, Zugai also learns of the death of Count Megtapos, but before anything else can happen, Nampu and Henko finally find them, but Henko, believing that Zugai was the one who finished Megtapos off, intends to kill him in order to usurp control of the faction after the Count.
14 A Resolve to Die For! The Newest Crewmember, and a Crew Name? A massive battle takes place outside of Shin's cottage, with Henko using her Devil Fruit abilities to turn herself into a vulture, trying to kill Zugai with her spear, which eventually culminates in a surprise attack that Henko uses, which leads her to snatch Chris' hat, which Zugai had kept on his person. However, Shin catches Henko in her series of traps, and after the battle is over, invites herself into Zugai's crew. However, Henko escapes with the hat, intending to bandage her wounds with it, but in her cave in the mountains, she is ambushed by a cloaked person who effortlessly defeats her, before taking the hat for himself.

Kyokuba Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
15 The Circus Island! The Little Lady Craigmirra After learning of Henko's hospitalization, the six-man crew heads to Kyokuba Island, where they are to pick up resources. However, whilst KC and Krystal go and find food, Zugai and Jin encounters two characters, one being a traveling musician calling himself Ignacio, and the other being a small girl named Craigmirra, who wants to join Zugai's crew no matter what. For some reason, she also happened to have Chris' hat with her, letting Zugai claim it once more.
16 Attack of the Shrouded Robber! The Long-Awaited Crew Name! After convincing Craigmirra that she can stay on the Howling Moon for one night, that following night, Ignacio happens to attack the ship, and Zugai fights him for a while, the conflict eventually leading to him finding a crew name for the pirate crew; the Cross Skull Pirates. However, Craigmirra manages to show her worth by defeating Ignacio in combat, which finally earns her the spot on the crew she longed for. However, she and Ignacio seem to be aquaintances, and this was all a plan to get Craigmirra into the crew.

Shigusa Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
17 A Play Gone Wrong part 1: Unexpected Reunion on the Island of Acting! After the escapades on Kyokuba, the Cross Skull Pirates come to the island of Shigusa, where theater plays are the highest form of art practiced there. Leaving Shin and Nampu to tend to the Howling Moon, the other pirates go to see a play entitled Draco and Maria. They also happen to reunite with Chris, who is seemingly taking part in the theater play.
18 A Play Gone Wrong part 2: A Merciless Killer, Manigordo! The pirates meet with the theater manager, Roux Hareng, who manages to persuade Krystal to play the part of Maria in the play, as the woman who was supposed to play Maria was unable to attend; coincidentally, the man who was going to play Draco was also unavailable, so Zugai is chosen to play that part. When the screening begins, and KC, Jin and Craigmirra begin watching with Hareng, however, Jin deduces that the only reason Hareng chose them to play the parts was because of an outside factor; namely, the bounty hunter Manigordo. Elsewhere, two characters known as Card Shark and Dojang plan to kill the actress playing Maria, who just so happens to be Krystal.
19 A Play Gone Wrong part 3: Crescent Dagger vs. Bone Destroyer! As the play goes on, KC, Jin and Craigmirra learns that Manigordo plans to kill not only Hareng, but the actors of the play if it isn't up to his standards. In shock, the trio begins trying to locate Manigordo, to stop him from killing anyone. Meanwhile, as it turned out, Chris plays the villain of the play, and this in turn leads to her and Zugai fighting each other in an intense duel, though this leads to them not noticing Card Shark and Dojang; thankfully, KC gets to them before they can do anything harmful, though it leads to Zugai and Chris being knocked out, and KC, Jin and Craigmirra preparing for a showdown between Card Shark and Dojang, all on stage! 
20 A Play Gone Wrong part 4: The Duels in the Opera, and the New Crewmate! KC immediately goes after Card Shark, though as the two vanish back stage to fight, Dojang takes on everyone with his earth powers, and for a while, it seems that he's about to win. However, Akira and Vraspos, associates of a man called Morte del Astuto, jump on stage in order to assist the pirates against Dojang, and soon, they get the upper hand, until Dojang creates a large golem to crush the others, and nearly manages to crush Chris, had Zugai not woken up in time to cleave through him with a Honehakaisha Joker Roulette. Meanwhile, KC has trouble against Card Shark and his abilities, though with some assistance from Krystal, KC blows Card Shark away with his Santoryu abilities, and before things can get out of hand, Morte steps in, intimidating Card Shark into taking Dojang and escaping. After the play is over, Chris finally reveals her true gender to Zugai, who returns her hat to her at long last, though in the meantime, Etels Tyches approaches Morte, Akira and Vraspos about an offer, revealing Morte as Manigordo.

Loguetown Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
21 One Final Stop part 1: Landing at Loguetown After a humorous re-enactment of the battle back at Shigusa Island, the Cross Skull Pirates learn that they've gotten new bounties; Jin and Craigmirra have gotten new ones, and KC's has been increased. Soon, they weigh anchor by the famed Loguetown, where the crew split into two groups, one being of Zugai, KC, Krystal and Chris, and the other one being of Nampu, Jin, Shin and Craigmirra. There, Nampu decides to take on a challenge by a man calling himself Supin Kosudi, whilst Zugai's group encounters not only three friends from Zugai's home island, but also an old enemy: Kishikiyoi, The Wicked Knight.
22 One Final Stop part 2: The Boxer Living for Passion While it seemed like a confrontation was imminent, strangely, Kishikiyoi acts completely different from how he acted back on Annai Island, and Chris, wanting to find out what is going on, unwittingly offers to pay for a meal. Meanwhile, Supin nearly dominates Nampu with a buzzsaw-like blade, though Nampu manages to knock him on the head, losing his entire arsenal of random items in the process, save for one iron pipe. However, the fight is broken up by Netok Najun, who chases Supin off, and challenges Nampu to a boxing match.
23 One Final Stop part 3: The Storm versus Der Streiter The fight between Nampu and Netok escalates, with Netok seemingly dominating Nampu, until Nampu takes a page out of her own book, and begins boxing to beat down Netok, in conjunction with using his iron pipe to fight. Meanwhile, Zugai and company learn that after Kishikiyoi's defeat, he recovered, and traveled to Hobashira Island, where Zugai's friends managed to remove some sort of serum from his body; once that serum was removed, he stopped acting like the Wicked Knight had done in the past. After the meal, the Marines and pirates part ways, as Zugai heads to the execution platform, while KC, Krystal and Chris go to a shopping district. However, in that plaza, a shady character hires two criminals to assassinate Zugai...
24 One Final Stop part 4: Reunions and Introductions Zugai arrives at the plaza to behold the execution platform, where not only Gold Roger met his end, but also Monkey D. Luffy. There, he meets a man called Danny Jointure, who fondly remembers a time when he himself witnessed Luffy's execution, and the birth of a new Great Pirate Age. Meanwhile, Nampu and Netok's battle is brought to a close with a tie, and KC, Krystal and Chris encounters Kemono, Shageki and Osae Kikai, now jobless after the death of Count Megtapos. However, this is all brought to a screeching halt when Cameron Leon and Sam, the two criminals from earlier, engage both Zugai and Danny in a fight.
25 One Final Stop part 5: Two-On-Two or Free-For-All? The battle in the plaza escalates, with Zugai struggling against not only Leon with his chameleon-like abilities (despite not having eaten a Devil Fruit), and Sam with his power to step on virtually anything, but also Danny, who turns out to be a bounty hunter, with the ability to divide anything via a beam he can shoot from his fingers. However, the other Cross Skull Pirates show up, and while KC and Chris strike down Sam, Jin takes out Leon, and both Nampu and Craigmirra floor Danny with one punch each. At that point, being mistaken for civilians, the Cross Skull Pirates are instructed to leave the area while Sam, Leon and Danny are apprehended, which they do, just as rain begins falling.
26 One Final Stop part 6: The End of Escape and the Beginning of Entry! Eventually coming to a four-way fork in the road, the pirates split into four groups, just as they are pursued by Marines; KC and Krystal on one path, Jin and Shin on another path, Nampu and Chris on a third, and Zugai and Craigmirra on the last path. While Jin and Shin effortlessly takes out Marines on their path, KC and Krystal are unwittingly aided by Shageki and his group, while Nampu and Chris are assisted by Supin. Zugai and Craigmirra, on the other hand, run across both Kishikiyoi and Netok, the latter who engages Craigmirra in furious combat, and the former, for some reason, having regressed into the persona of the Wicked Knight. Thankfully, Zugai and Craigmirra defeat them, and the pirates escapes on the Howling Moon, where they recite their dreams to their comrades, in a scene similar to when the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from Loguetown.

Manigordo Saga Edit

Reverse Mountain Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
27 Entering the Grand part 1: A Woman of Despair! After escaping Loguetown, the Cross Skull Pirates meet upon a lone boat in the stormy seas, and to their surprise, a Fishwoman is sitting in the boat by herself. Thinking quickly, Jin has KC freeze a torrent of water he links between the Howling Moon and the dinghy, and Zugai, despite being a hammer, volunteers to go rescue the Fishwoman. However, on their way back, a tidal wave destroys the ice bridge, and takes both of them down under; thankfully, the Fishwoman leaps onboard with Zugai in tow, before she falls unconscious. After she wakes up, she tries to offer her service to the crew, as a sort of slave, but Zugai dismisses her, saying that he doesn't hire slaves into the crew. Despite this, the Fishwoman finally utters her name to Chris: Maria.
28 Entering the Grand part 2: Of What Measure Is the Past? While the crew is anxious to let Maria join the crew, Zugai says that they shouldn't force her into joining them. After breakfast, Chris enters the girl's room, where Maria has done a good job of cleaning the place up. There, Chris decides to indulge Maria in her past; ten years ago, after having been discovered as a girl, Chris wanted to prove herself as a real pirate, by stealing something from a different band of pirates. However, a pirate with a black sword nearly kills her for trying to steal a Crescent Dagger, though she escapes with her life, albeit scarred. Later, Maria learns of Jin's story as well; when he was young, he got lost in the woods, and when he returned to his village, it was set ablaze. In desparation, he ate a Devil Fruit that was sacred among the villagers, and used its powers to extinguish the flames, though it was too late. Then, Maria finally tells Zugai of her own past; she used to be a slave to a Tenryuubito, and after being harrassed one too many times, mercilessly pounded the man, though instead of being killed, she was sent into exile, floating on the same dinghy as the Cross Skull Pirates found her on. Despite hearing of this, he reiterates that he doesn't hire slaves; crewmembers, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. Teary-eyed, Maria accepts this invitation.
29 Entering the Grand part 3: A Familiar and a New Face!

In Loguetown, after Sam and Leon have been taken on a prison ship (Danny was pardoned, on account of being a bounty hunter, and not a pirate), things started to cool down... until they immediately heated up when the prison ship exploded, allowing Sam and Leon to escape. Before Netok could pursue them, however, Morte del Astuto showed up, demanding to know where the Cross Skull Pirates where. Then, he tells both her and Kishikiyoi of how he will catch those pirates, and both the Marines decides that if he has his way with them, they're in trouble.

Meanwhile, the Cross Skull Pirates narrowly manage to make it into the Grand Line, landing by Reverse Mountain, though for some reason, they can hear sounds of battle. Zugai, Chris and Maria scout on ahead, only to see something surprising; 'Humming' Brook duels against a cloaked being wielding a scythe, and manages to win, making the assailant explode in a shower of grey matter. Then, the Cross Skull Pirates are introduced to the skeleton, along with his good friend, the whale Laboon. After some comedy, Brook parts the pirates with a Log Pose, after they discover that the compass isn't working. Before the pirates leave, they learn that the Straw Hats, despite their captain being dead, still has a strong bond, despite not journeying together. Chris also finds out who the assailant was; some sort of clone of a character called Steel Scythe, who for some reason resembled Etels, back on Ajito Island...

Atsumari Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
30 A Shocking Encounter! The Shrouded Robber, Revisited! On their way to the next island, Craigmirra parts a secret unto Maria; she and Ignacio used to be partners, after he nearly got killed robbing a bank. After Craigmirra goes to sleep, the crew lands on Atsumari Island, where they're met with a strange woman, calling herself 'Live Wire' Wora, who has the power to emit electricity from her body, though not to the extent of a certain 'God'. Wora, by chance, happens to send Zugai flying into the side of the Howling Moon, and Craigmirra, misinterpreting the situation, begins battling Wora, though finds herself outmatched, until she tries using her 'Ravu Rabu Heart Destruction Wave'. However, a massive boulder shields Wora from any damage, courtesy of none other than Ignacio himself.
31 A Thief’s Standards! The True Face of The Robber! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
32 Manigordo’s Grand Battle part 1: Loyalties of a Fool SUMMARY COMING SOON!
33 Manigordo’s Grand Battle part 2: The Man of Another World versus The Crescent Dagger SUMMARY COMING SOON!
34 Manigordo's Grand Battle part 3: The Measurement of a True Monster SUMMARY COMING SOON!
35 Manigordo's Grand Battle part 4: An Orthopedic’s True Strength SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Yokocho Island arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
36 The Search for a Doctor part 1: The Immortal Youth and the All-Knowing Mute SUMMARY COMING SOON!
37 The Search for a Doctor part 2: The Creature of the Forest SUMMARY COMING SOON!
38 The Search for a Doctor part 3: Painful Persuasions and Inconvenient Confrontations SUMMARY COMING SOON!
39 The Search for a Doctor part 4: Bane, Seeker of Worthy Opponents SUMMARY COMING SOON!
40 The Search for a Doctor part 5: Departure from the Island of Miracles! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Dokusai Saga Edit

Ketsuwoo Island arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
41 A The Island Bridging Nations Together! Bridge Central, Ketsuwoo Island SUMMARY COMING SOON!
42 Conflict on the Bridge Central! The Brutal Interrogator and the Biomechanic Man SUMMARY COMING SOON!
43 Fall of a Dictator! The Horrifying Powers of the Hone Hone no Mi SUMMARY COMING SOON!
44 The Man They Call Dokusai part 1: Journey to Seisabetsu Island! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Seisabetsu Island arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
45 The Man They Call Dokusai part 2: No Room for Man, Only Woman - Seisabetsu Island SUMMARY COMING SOON!
46 The Man They Call Dokusai part 3: Die Veldheer Inkwartieren - Dokusai's Elite! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
47 The Man They Call Dokusai part 4: Intense Rumble in Town! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
48 The Man They Call Dokusai part 5: Cleaning the Town Up SUMMARY COMING SOON!
49 The Man They Call Dokusai part 6: Entering the Den of the Villain SUMMARY COMING SOON!
50 The Man They Call Dokusai part 7: Hour of Confrontation SUMMARY COMING SOON!
51 A Battle amongst Crewmates part 1: The Struggling Lord and Bane SUMMARY COMING SOON!
52 A Battle amongst Crewmates part 2: The Biomechanic Man's Past! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
53 A Battle amongst Crewmates part 3: Crescent Dagger vs. Bone Destroyer - The Rematch! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

A Battle amongst Crewmates part 4: A Pained Heart’s Struggle!


A Battle amongst Crewmates part 5: The Storm’s True Mettle


Departure from Seisabetsu Island! The Tenth Crewmate, At Last!


Relaxation Arc Edit

' Chapter Title Chapter Summary
57 An Unexpected Visitor! The Amnesia-Struck Swordswoman! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
58 A Family Council! Crime-Lords, Psychopaths and a Couple More SUMMARY COMING SOON!
59 New Bounties! The Cross Skull Pirates, a Recognized Threat! SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Unnamed Saga Edit

Tataruramu Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
60 The Dead Island! A Monster Known as 'The Reaper's Daughter' SUMMARY COMING SOON!
61 Yu's Story! The Most Fearsome Devil Fruit, Botsu Botsu no Mi? SUMMARY COMING SOON!
62 Blackmouth Rumble part 1: Cunning of the Storm! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
63 Blackmouth Rumble part 2: Maidens of Rage and Crescent Banes SUMMARY COMING SOON!
64 Blackmouth Rumble part 3: Explosive Swordsmen and Biomechanic Lord SUMMARY COMING SOON!
65 Blackmouth Rumble part 4: Himo Himo Puppet! SUMMARY COMING SOON!
66 Blackmouth Rumble part 5: The Resolve of the Reaper’s Daughter SUMMARY COMING SOON!

Hanyo Island Arc Edit

# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
67 Another Day: Adapting to a New Life SUMMARY COMING SOON!
68 Nampu’s Scheme: Getting a Couple Together SUMMARY COMING SOON!
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