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Capital Sawdust Village
Government Town Council
Ruler The people and the Mayor
Location West Blue
Terrain Meadows, Mountains, and several small towns/villages
Season Mild climate year round with a few rare cases of snow.

Parm is a small backwater island situated in West Blue that is relatively peaceful and well known for many vendors and carpenters, but aside from that, it doesn't see much activity outside of inter-island commerce and trade.


Being a relatively small island, Parm doesn't really have much major history that's of note. Rumor has it it was built by a group of civilian refugees who wanted to avoid the conflict between the pirates the World Government going on near the Grand Line, who built the capital city from the ground up, giving it the name of Sawdust Village due to the fact that most of buildings were constructed from the wooden planks the refugees salvaged from the ships they had used to reach the island. As a small, remote island with no real wealth, Parm rarely sees outsiders, though a few pirate and trading vessels do occasionally drop by to stock up on food and supplies before moving on to the more populated areas of the Four Seas and the Grand Line.


Fairly primitive. Most of the buildings in Parm are constructed from the wooden planks harvested from the trees that grow further inland, with simple dirt paths connecting them. The architecture of Sawdust Village is a bit more sophisticated, consisting of a central marketplace with stone roads, a fountain, several stands for various merchants to do their business, and a large town hall where community meetings take place every now and then.


Parm's culture is relatively simple as well. Most of the inhabitants of the island live peaceful, if not lazy lives, rarely venturing from the shores of their island unless it's to fish in the shallow waters that surround their shores. Harvest festivals occur yearly during the early autumn months, occasionally attracting outsiders, but for the most part Parm is a scarcely populated, isolated community, most of the island's inhabitants knowing one another.


Parm has no true central government, being neither a pirate port, or a member of the World Government. Major decisions are made by a small town council that is run by the mayor of Sawdust Village and other prominent members of the community, such as the island's well known carpenter and architect, Kedamono Ender.


As an isolated community, the inhabitants of Parm are largely self-sufficient, the majority of its inhabitants being either farmers or fishermen. Sawdust Village in particular is known for producing a good many carpenters and architects, many of them showing great talent, but other then that Parm does not really have any significant businesses or resources that are worthy of note.

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Notable LocalsEdit


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