Morte del Astuto

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Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type B
Birthdate June 6th
Height 6'3"
Weight 184lbs.
Island of Origin Lougetown
Epithet Manigordo
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Family Astuto

Morte del Astuto (commonly known as Manigordo) is a bounty hunter originating from the East Blue.



On first glance, Morte seems just about as likeable as the local drunkard; he acts as if people don't exist at times, will often zone out in the middle of a conversation, and can even go to such lengths as assisting a pirate just to get to his bounty. Despite all this, he's a perfectionist in every sense of the word, and is incredibly passionate about his profession, though he may not show it at times.


He has a lanky, kind of crooked physique about him. His black hair is shaped like a mohawk, and he wears a black headband, a brown jacket, blue pants and black shoes. A small bag is also strapped to his belt, which houses additional ammo and spare change. His kris is also sheathed on the right side of his neck, and his belt also houses two guns, and a pata sword is nearly always strapped to his left arm.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

Pata SwordEdit

Strapped to his left hand is a pata sword; a sword guantlet, if you will. As it doesn't require him to hold it by a handle, he is more than free to move his left arm erratically, and still use his blade efficiently.

Kris DaggerEdit

Sheathed on the right side of his neck, the kris dagger is one of Morte's deadliest accessories, as he can easily grab it with his right hand in order to preform stealthier attacks.


Another trademark of Morte's are his twin guns, which he uses with relative ease against his opposition, though they are not his favored weapons, only used if the opposition is thoroughly annoying or challenging.

Devil FruitEdit

His Devil Fruit, the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Ocelot, allows him to transform into this animal, as well as a hybrid form of it. What is the most frightening thing about this power (which gained him infamy in East Blue) was that unlike other Zoan-types, his hybrid form raises his overall agility to the point of ridiculousness, and the full-animal form is used to increase strength.


Major BattlesEdit

  • Morte vs. Henko
  • Morte vs. Zugai Hibiware
  • Morte, Akira and Vraspos vs. Dokusai's Army



  • After watching a rather hilarious flash parody of Metal Gear Solid (Not Metal Gear Awesome), YolkaEd became compelled to create a character who could transform into an ocelot; however, seeing as the name Revolver Ocelot already was taken, the concept of this character being an all-out gunslinger was quickly abandoned (though elements of the original concept still remains, I.E. Morte's guns).
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