The Kura-Kura no Mi (クラクラ悪魔の実; English name: Crash-Crash Fruit) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to absorb, redirect, and apply kinetic forces through physical contact up to a certain limit, making the user a Kinetic Human. It was eaten by James Newton.

Kura-Kura no Mi
Japanese Name: クラクラ悪魔の実
English Name: Crash-Crash Fruit
Meaning: Crash, Collide
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Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: James Newton
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Appearence Edit

The Kura-Kura no Mi resembles a grey round fruit with the default swirl pattern and a jagged stem.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The main strength of the Kura-Kura no Mi, as demonstrated by James, is the ability to absorb, redirect, and apply forces that he comes in contact with. There are a veriety of ways to use this, as shown by James, from augmenting the power of his physical attacks, to stopping dangerous objects or to defend against high-velocity attacks, and even to prevent damage from long falls.

However, there are weaknesses with this power. As stated by james himself, the user has a limit to the amount of force he can absorb without taking damage at one time. If it exceeds that limit, the user will begin to take damage. The user also cannot absorb the kinetic force of any object with mass greater that 1000x his own mass. Also, the user can still be damaged by cutting objects and shrapnel.