Kiri Island

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Capital Unknown
Government Mayor
Ruler Mayor
Location East Blue
Terrain Mostly natural, with a small town a couple miles away from the ocean.
Season Summer for five months, Spring for five months, Fall for two months.

Kiri Island is a peaceful island in the East Blue and is home to Zugai Hibiware (exclusively in Pirates!)


Kiri Island is a sleepy little island about five days away from the Red Line village of Fuschia. Through its history, it has been the victim of few dangerous pirate attacks, but multiple pirate visits. They are quite a distance away from any Marine Base, therefore must rely on their own strength to keep the peace on their island. The island gets its name from the thick fog that surrounds it from the early morning to late afternoon, keeping it hidden from pirate attacks. However, due to the fog, citizens are unable to see attacking ships. It is described by some citizens as 'a Double Edge Sword'

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Gato's Restaurant: A small restaurant located in the town square. Run by Gato and his family.

Citizens Edit

  • Zugai Hibiware
  • Arrow, Pistol, and Kei
  • Gato & Family
  • Gin (Deceased)


  • Kiri Island is named for the dense fog that surrounds the island on a daily basis.
  • It is the first island Chris encounters on her adventure.
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