Kābon Kābon no Mi

Translation Carbon Carbon Fruit
Meaning from Kābon, meaning carbon
English Name Carbon Carbon Fruit
Type Logia
Power Grants the user the ability to become and control the levels of carbon.
Eaten By NA
Creator Ghostofanidiot

The Kābon Kābon no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that enables the users to turn into a dense mass of carbon and to control carbon levels around them. 

Appearance Edit

The Kābon Kābon no Mi looked like a dark-brown pear. The taste was described as an extremely bitter chunk of dark chocolate.  


Since the Kābon Kābon no Mi is a Logia, the user is made out of carbon. The user is then able to control the density of carbon in them (from a gassy state to basically a giant lump of pressurized coal). However, the pressurized coal state only lasts a few minutes.


The devil fruit is weak to fire due to carbon being flammable. For this reason, the user tends to keep himself away from open flames or sparks.