Itachi Itachi no Mi, Model: Skunk

Translation Weasel, skunk, mink, or ermine
Meaning Weasel, skunk, mink, and ermine
English Name Skunk Skunk Fruit
Type Zoan
Power Skunk Transformation
Eaten By Open

The Itachi Itachi no Mi, Model: Skunk ("Itachi" can refer to a weasel, skunk, mink, or ermine) is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows one to assume the form of a human, larger-than-average skunk, or a hybrid of the two.


The fruit is round and black, with a white strip on it. If you look closely, you can see the faint line of swirls.


The strengths of the fruit is that it allows transformation between a human, a skunk, and a hybrid of the two. While in skunk or hybrid form, the user has access to foul-smelling gas or liquid that they can emit from their tail.

The fruit also gives the benefit of making the user immune to bad smells. Not even rotting flesh, old garbage, or burning hair fazes them.


The biggest weakness is that tomato sauce can neutralize the stink in their stink-related attacks. Being covered in tomato sauce leaves them without access to these stink attacks. Other than that, the user is still affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


The user can switch between three forms, each offering benefits. The hybrid and animal form offer access to stink in the form of a liquid or a gas.

Human Form

Human form, being the least beast-like of the three forms, offers an increase in perception, thinking power, and strategizing skills. The user can emit a colorless gas in the air causing others around the user to become naueous.

Hybrid Form

In hybrid form, the user grows black fur with a white stripe down their back, and grows a large tail with a white stripe as well. They look like a very muscular, human-sized skunk that stands on two legs. This form offers an increase in strength.

  • Itachi Itachi no Blind: Sprays a stream of vile liquid that blinds the opponent and makes their eyes sting.
  • Itachi Itachi no Mark: Marks the enemy with the user's stinky smell so they can find them by smell alone.

Animal Form

In animal form, the user becomes a larger-than average skunk. The skunk is dressed in the accessories the user was wearing, such as rings, bracelets, and earrings. This form offers an increase in speed.

  • Itachi Itachi no Rocket: Release a spray of stink that propels the user a short distance through the air.
  • Itachi Itachi no Spin: Jumps into the air and spins, releasing a spray of liquid stink or a spray of gaseous stink. The spray goes out in every direction due to the spinning.
  • Itach Itachi no Smokescreen: The user runs swiftly all around the battlefield, releasing stink gas as they move. This covers the area in a smokescreen that leaves the enemy coughing and teary-eyed from the horrible smell.