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Capital Unknown
Government Marine Justice
Ruler Marines
Location West Blue
Terrain Mostly domesticated with the large city surrounding the Marine base, but it has red rocky mountains on the outskirts of the city and is generally unusable terrain. It is considered an arid wasteland like a desert.
Season Summer island weather, but it rains quite often, allowing it to be cool despite how much like a desert it is.

Hitoya is an island in West Blue that is under heavy Marine influence and control.


For as long as anyone can remember, Hitoya has been a Marine controlled island where most of the citizens grow up to join the Marines or are normally in support of them and the World Government. With the exception of prisoners being transported to the base set up there and the occasional commerce of traders and merchant vessels, Hitoya rarely ever sees any visitors. It has been under control of four powerful Marine Captains, but with the appearance of the Straw Hat Pirates, they have been losing their control over it due to their defeats.


Hitoya's inhabitants all live in wooden homes that have fairly strong foundations and have relatively comfortable lives being protected by the Marines. The most sophisticated structure is the large base that towers over the city, built with a steel frame and being reinforced by metal. Aside from Marines, the main profession for the people living in Hitoya are to be merchants, buying and selling goods that come from across the seas.


Because of its Military control, all of Hitoya is adverse to the idea of pirates or even thieves showing up in their village. If a major threat appears, the people will opt to hide in their homes to avoid any trouble while the Captains handle the situation.

There is no democratic government of the island it is based solely upon the decisions made by the Marines, so whatever they say goes and if someone disagrees with it, they will be made to listen even if it means harming innocent people.


Mostly self-sufficient, because the people build their own homes with the assistance of the Marines and they live comfortable lives due to their support.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Marine Base

Notable LocalsEdit


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