Gold Lion Pirates
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Main Ship Unknown
Jolly Roger
Base Unknown
Captain Gold Lion Leo
Type Morgania
Crew Population Full Count Unknown
Total Bounty BsymbolUnknown

The Gold Lion Pirates are an antagonist crew in the fanfiction Pirates!. Their crew name derives from the Captain, Gold Lion Leo's Bounty name due to his appearance and later it is implied into his Devil Fruit Ability. The crew consists of a great number of members with an unknown total bounty.

Main Crewmembers Edit

  1. Gold Lion Leo: Captain
  2. Kairo: First Mate / Shipwright
  3. Bao: Pet
  4. Kiko: Swordsman
  5. Jargan: Marksman
  6. Tsu: Navigator
  7. Fredrick: Explosions Expert (Kisdota-The Freak Gamer)
  8. Bolt: Cook

Crew Strength Edit

The Gold Lion Pirates are an extremely large, rather aloof crew. They are essentially the equivalent of the Buggy Pirates and are constantly trying to best the Crescent Dagger each time they meet. Their crew is relatively powerful for what it's worth, and are relatively feared in the East Blue, however, they are one of the weaker crews hailing from the East Blue. After the consumption of the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion, Leo has become considerably stronger.

Goals Edit

The Gold Lion Pirates really don't have any goals, as they believe that the age of Dreams is over. Their one goals are to find One Piece and become famous, as well as defeat the Crescent Dagger Pirates.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gold Lion Pirates were created as a filler crew in the beginning of the story, but have become a recurring pirate crew in an attempt to create comic relief. They are a mix of the Buggy Pirates in terms of their crew strength and relativity to the story, and Don Krieg's Pirate Armada in terms of the mass fear they induce in the East Blue.

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