Cha Cha Cannon
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Owned By Rick Rodrieguz
Created By Rick Rodrieguz
Technology Unique Cannon
Known Number in Existence One
Fandom World Reversion (By Subrosian)

The Cha Cha Cannon is a cannon used and created by Rick Rodrieguz that fires out a large disco ball which explodes in midair, raining down hundreds of cannonballs onto random targets.


The Cha Cha Cannon itself has only been seen in a fleeting image as it was pushed out from Rick's Marine vessel, but it is a very large cannon as opposed to a normal sized one. The ammunition it uses resembles a large disco ball full of other cannonballs. It has no known special attributes yet.


It is like a normal cannon except it can shoot out a glass disco ball with enough force to make it explode seconds after leaving its chambers instead of causing it to blow up within the confines of the barrel.


  • The item, the Cha Cha Cannon and this article was created by Subrosian.
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