Age 22
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'7"
Weight 140lbs.
Island of Origin Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Division CP0
Occupation Cipher Pol Agent
Douriki 3075
Rank 4
Family Unknown

Cecilia (せしりあ, Seshiria) is a Cipher Pol Agent from the special operations organization Cipher Pol Zero.


Cecilia is the same height as Akira, standing at five foot seven and weighing 140lbs, sporting slicked back black hair that goes down to the small of her back. The tips of her hair at the bottom are all white and resemble stalactites due to their solid nature. She wears a white headband with a red circle in the middle of it that pulls her hair back and keeps it in place. The Kanji (絶対的正義) for Absolute Justice is on this headband. The third symbol is placed on the red circle.

Unlike her other CP0 agents, Cecilia does not wear a lavish suit, but instead wears a black female kunoichi outfit complete with the slip on split-toe sandals. Her top is cut open slightly in a 'u' shaped arc, revealing an ample bosom and she has fishnet connecting between the fabric of her outfit. She wears a dark gray sash around her waist that has two holstered daggers attached to them, but she rarely ever uses them.


As opposed to the only other female member of CP0, Cecilia is like Akira and Marek in the sense that she is a serious individual and has a no-nonsense policy. She focuses on her mission and works to get the job done, taking little time for useless actions. She is not as sadistic and twisted as Nadeisco or as cold as Marek, but she has little concern for the suffering of others.




Akira is Cecilia's partner in Cipher Pol Zero. Not much is known about their relationship outside of the working range, but they are a team with good chemistry.


Cecilia is the fourth ranked agent of Cipher Pol Zero, giving her authority of those beneath her and showing her immense and inhuman strength. With a Douriki of 3,075, there is a large gap between her and the original CP9 members with the exception of Rob Lucci.

Cecilia's abilities are so far unknown, but she is known to have super human speed.


At some unknown point in time, Cecilia joined Cipher Pol Zero under Marek.

Judgment of Impel DownEdit

Cecilia was present at the meeting in Mock Town to discuss the plan for heading to Impel Down. When they were on board the Dragon Wraith, she caught Nadeisco musing about how he hated the mission they were going on. She mocked him saying that they did not want him here, which resulted in him abandoning the ship and going to Parm by means of his glider.


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