Battle Ship Island
Capital Battle Ship Town
Government Three Mayors
Ruler Mayor
Location East Blue
Terrain Metal and Rocky
Season Winter for 11 Months One Month of Summer

Battle Ship Island is an island covered in metal and cannons to defend itself from pirates.

History Edit

Battle Ship Island is located close to the entrance to the grand line and because of this location it is a frequent stop for pirates. The Island was originally called Ka Island but after a vicious raid by a group of pirates the island was outfitted with metal shields and cannons and from a distance resembles a Battle Ship. The island was renamed so to strike fear into the hearts of those planning to attack.

Architecture Edit

The island is made up of three small towns all ruled by a different mayor however things such as laws and taxes are the same in all three. The houses are all wood with metal casing either fully or partly covering them however a few older ones are made of brick. The ground and sides of the island are patched with metal in various places for protection and cannons line the perimeter of the island.

All three towns are arranged with many houses and businesses arranged around the town hall and mayors mansion. Despite this there are some houses in the forest of the island. The three towns are arranged so that they circle the forest while being even distances from each other. This is to give constant visual of the coast. The towns are named as Battle Ship Town, Meta Town and Kan Town.

Culture Edit

To the island defense is the most important thing to them and as such friends and family are to be respected and cared for especially when in need. The island is usually peaceful and normal like any other island however when ships dock extensive searches are done and limited numbers of people are let off the boat. any ship baring a Jolly Roger is immediately shot at and sunk. This is a strict policy to prevent an event like the massacre of the past. Despite the strict security islanders are generally happy and peaceful.

Government Edit

The government consists of three mayors who are each elected by citizens of their respective towns. Once elected they remain mayor until they die, resign or are impeached by the people, an event that has yet to occur as all the mayors are generally retire when they feel they have held office to long and are loved by the people. Laws are the same in all three towns and a new law, tax, decree, ect. must be approved by all three mayors or two mayors and a majority of citizens.

Economy Edit

The island is wealthy and prosperous as it is in a prime trading location.

Notable Locations Edit

Notable Locals Edit

Trivia Edit

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