Alde Nare

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Capital Unknown
Government Mayor
Ruler Mayor
Location South Blue
Terrain A small island with its town right on the coast.
Season Summer for six months, Spring for four months, Fall for two months.

Alde Nare is and island in the South Blue and is home to Jae Axia (Pirates!)


Alde Nare has always been a peaceful island, a place where merchants sell their goods and the citizens are kind to each other. It's also a prime location for bounty hunters to get the latest information on new bounties, as there is a special booth specifically designed for the display of posters.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Docks: The location of the merchant kiosks and the resting place for ships.
  • 'Kui War'e: A large restaurant under the ownership of a girl by the name of Elle. Yunae and Jae work here on occasion.


  • Jae Axia
  • Yunae
  • Hikari and Hikaru
  • Elle


  • Alde Nare was created and submitted by FlipReverse, a user on
  • It is the location where Chris, Gonzo, and Zugai first saw their bounty posters.
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