This is just going to be a basic page for site rules for the time being. I'll expand it into more later and there will be guidelines and things to follow. But, for now, some rules.

Site Rules

  • No vandalism. Do not post nonsense into other people's articles or remove content from them.
  • Don't create an article with little to no content and then just leave it for an extended period. It will be swept up in housekeeping.
  • Articles must fit the standards of this Wiki! If this is your first time editing, then you need to look at other people's articles and figure out how things are properly formatted! Ignorance of this rule will most likely result in your articles being removed.
  • No Godmodding! Godmodding will set you up for heavy criticism from other users. See the Guide to Godmodding for more information.
  • Please do not talk about your religion, political views, or sexuality. This will only cause fights.
  • Please do not link to or talk about inappropriate websites. This site must maintain a rating of PG-16.


If you need to speak with an Admin for whatever reason or an Admin's name is mentioned due to a request for a character change or upkeep, please refer to the following links below to their Talk Pages. Please remember to sign your comments with four tildes (These things: ~) or hit the signature button. Some of us are also in the Chat at certain times so you may locate us.